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Good weekend of shooting. Pic Heavy!!!!

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Last weekend I spent the weekend shooting and camping at my mates place about 1 hour east of my place. There was 7 of us there camping out and all of us Air Force Cadets hence the Auscams as they are very comfy to wear out in the bush. Heres a few pictures guys. Enjoy.

Me with my CZ escaping from the heat under my shirt.

My Mate Ben with his CZ.

Ben with my Savage, shooting pistol style or as he calls it "Terminator style"

My mate Louis with Bens CZ shooting offhand.

My Mate Dan with my Savage.

My mate Dan with my CZ under my cam shirt.

Unknown shooter with Bens CZ.

My mate Harry (Bens brother) with my Savage Terminator Style.

Louis with my Savage.

Harry with his CZ unscoped.

Ben with his CZ.

Me with my CZ.

Louis with Bens CZ looking like the rifles from Enemy at the Gates. Camoflauges very well in the bush.

Louis with Bens CZ escaping the heat.

Harry with my Savage.

Harry and Alfie shooting with my Savage.

Chris with Bens CZ.

It was very hot. Upwards of mid 30s to 40s. Degrees C that is. We had great fun though. We should be going to have another shoot closer to the end of janurary before the cadet year starts again. I have to find the camera and then I can shoot some pictures of my CZ with its new Nikko Sterling 4x40 MountMaster mounted on it.
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Are you also a cadet? Nice pics. I saw an AR in there somewhere... looks like they didn't pick that one up in the gun ban! Or maybe that's because you guys are in the AF?
Nice pics, Quick. After a week of snow, I wouldn't mind a day or two in the heat down there.
Nice weather.

Today we are at a balmy -17C.
Good time had by all by the looks of it. I did the same sort of stuff with my mates when i was that age, even took the replica weapons aswell. What's the matter quick, plenty of photo's of your mates but non of you, aren't you pretty enough? Only messing with you, nice photo's.
Nah, No ARs. I wish. Harry makes replicas rifles for fun. he has made a Thompson M1928A1, IDI Galil, M60, AR15, and a few others. The Galil and Thompson both look real from a distance. They are really well make.

Yeah I'm a Cadet, I'm a Cadet Under Officer (CUO) and have been for about 2 years now. Ive got a year left then I have to leave as I will be too old. CUO is the highest cadet rank you can get in the Air Force Cadets. The Air Force would never let us borrow any weapons. They dont let us play with the Steyrs much at all at any rate. LOL. Nah, we are just guys from our local squadron who enjoy shooting and having fun out bush.

Myself, Ben & harry got 2nd, 1st, & 3rd respectively within our state cadet shooting competition so we got to go over east to sydney and shoot in the national rifle competition and we took home the 1st place trophy so we were very happy. We love our shooting and I'm trying to get more of the other guys involved aswell because I want both 1st place for the state and national competitions again this year.

Andrew, Nah mate its just that not many pictures where taken of me that all. These pictures are from the range shooting that we did, the rest are from the "other" activities that we did. We play a few 'games' if you all know what I mean. Stuff that we cant do within trhe cadet system because its too much like training us how to fight a war. Damn labour government signing the boy solider treaty!!!!!!
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Ohh btw, for some more picturess that include these ones, have a look at - Thats Bens Myspace and some more pictures are there if your interested. The ones that have Shaun under them are me!!!! there are more pictures but too many to put up online Ben says.
Looks like that profile is set to private. It wouldn't let me in.
Ohh ok then. I'll upload the rest to my photobucket account then.
Heres some more. In no particular order. There is a couple of me in there.

Enjoy guys.
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BK, Its alright mate. I feel old at times aswell. Hell, and I'm the young one here!!!!!
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