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I have a Remington 700 ADL 30-06 it has a normal barrel {not a bull barrel} and i was wondering were i could buy a muzzle break or if its even worth buying one.
I would post a pic but i suck with comps and cant figure it out!!!! :mad:
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Hi James. Welcome to the forum. Accuracy Systems out of your home state performs brake installs, but the cost will set you back around $200. If you haven't had prior experience with them, the muzzle blast is horrendous for you as well as anyone nearby. If your goal is to tame recoil, look into a quality buttpad.
Thnks man and yes my goal is to reduce the recoil im starting to take long range shots and accuracy for me is gunna be a must!!!! :cool:
Yeah, a good butt pad will be much better then a brake.
I am on the other side of the fence with brakes. I am courteous at the range and will not buzz my neighbors. I let them know before I crack one and I will wait and let them go first. I have always plugged and muffed my ears so I have not noticed any difference. For hunting walker game ears help me hear the little things and also muffle the brake.

Now if it was me I would get a SSG brake $150 installed, here are a few pics of mine and some rifles I had done. An yes the recoil reduction is unbelievable!

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James, that one may be too big for a sporter weight barrel. The threads are 5/8". The two sporter weight barrels above used 1/2" threads.

You will still need to have your barrel threaded which will cost you a little more and that brake like the ones above will need indexing which will add to the cost a little more too.

The Vais brakes and similar ones do not need indexing but are not as effective as a chamber type brakes and with holes on the bottom will dust you if you are shooting prone.
I have also had expierence with the Holland brake as well and it can be purchased and installed for $200 with them. They are very effective too. This is a 30-06 with sporter (regular) barrel. On the bench the legs of the bipod will not rise off the bench even f you do not hold the forearm.

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oh ok thnks man :cool:
Also do you have a direct link were i can purches a SSG muzzle brake?

Nathan is a good man but he has a wait list of about 3 months as with most good smiths. He can sell you the brake for about $100 if you have a smith that can thread your barrel and install it.

I am sending him another rifle in a week or two.
Ok thank you for your help
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