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Hello Community!

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We launched this site just a short time ago, and we are more than pleased to see that members are registering and using the forums! We welcome you and hope you find this site great place to browse and share information with others!

Instead of a long list of forum rules, we have boiled it down to just one simple rule! Think about what you are posting and whether or not you would like to receive a similar post. It's based on the "Do unto others as you..." principal. We think it's easier to remember this one rule and let you use your good judgment about what you post. Besides I don't want to write a long list of "do's" and "don'ts". However, we reserve the right to remove any post or topic we deam inappropriate.

As stated in our about page, we want this site to become a valid shooting resource focused around the Remington Model 700 line of rifles. However, there are many topics that can be discussed on this site that apply to all fire arms. As a result, we are opening up the articles section to the website community. You can write about general information articles, maintenance, or even product reviews. Send any writings or [email protected] Attach any photos if needed to go along with your writing. Subject to approval, we will post your article on our site! If you would like we can post who wrote the article.

As you use this site, you will no doubt discover things or features that you would like added to the site. Feel free to post those requests in our "Forum Requests" forum or for web site requests use the "Site Request" forum.

We hope you all enjoy the site.

Best regards,


P.S. A special thanks to Quick, he was instrumental in helping us put this together. Thanks for all the input Quick!
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