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just got back from the range. i had put about 35 rounds of the winchester 150 grain ammo from wally world, without any problems. so i talk to to the guy next to me who's shooting an armalite rifle also in 308, and he offers me if i wanted to shoot his rifle, i say yes, so i bring his rifle to my bench. he then asks me if he could shoot my gun, and to return the courtesy, i said sure, so he takes my sps tactical to his bench. i fired about three rounds of my ammo through his gun without any problems. but then he called me over to his bench and my bolt was jammed. the bolt could not be fully seated in the "down" position as to ready to fire, nor could the bolt be pulled out as to extract the round.

we tried everything to pull the bolt out, but no success. i tried going through the bdl, but all i see is the bottom of the bolt. the round he used in my sps was a reload, but in 168 grain. any ideas on how to get my bolt out before i bring it to a gunsmith??
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This is a worrying situation. Keep well clear of the muzzle in case the rifle fires. Ring the gunsmith as soon as possible, describe the position of the bolt to him and get his advice about whether or not it is safe to transport, to his premises.
And here is one of the dangers of firing other peoples ammo. His chamber is most likely larger than yours and so the round is stuck. A competent gunsmith can remove the round safely but an amateur WILL damage the rifle or injure someone.

A case I know of, the owner smacked the bolt handle with a plastic mallet which striped the extractor from the round allowing the bolt to open but left the round in the chamber. He then put a cleaning rod into the bore and tried to drive the round out by smacking the rod. The round fired sending the rod into a young lady, killing her. My neighbor did the same thing sending the cleaning rod into the roof of my shop causing burns to his hinds and just missing his head.
Yeah, +1 to taking it to the Gunsmith.

Remember, a semi-auto rifles chamber for 308 is most likely a 7.62 NATO and the case design is different.
+1 on the Gunsmith. That happened to me on one of my AR15 rifles. Had a case of rectocranial inversion and shot
bolt gun 223, neck sized only, and it locked it up nice and tight. Be careful whatever you do, that's a really potentially bad
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