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Heres a couple more of the family members....

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Here are a couple more rifles I have and enjoy shooting very much........
First up is my AR-15. It is a Noveske build with a Noveske lower receiver with a RRA LPK and national match 2 stage trigger, Voltor Emod stock, Magpul grip and trigger guard. Upper is a Noveske 16" Recce low pro with Troy BUIS, Magpul XTM rail covers, Vortex flash supressor and a Aimpoint Comp M2 with a GG&G cantileaver mount.

Second is my Ruger 10/22 T. I changed out the hammer forged barrel it had and opted for the Green Mountain 20" fluted stainless barrel. I also reworked the trigger assembly and installed a Volquartsen trigger assembly and buffer. I later added a custom charging handle, rod, spring and Volquartsen extractor. The rifle is topped with a Mueller Eradicator 8.5x 25x 50mm AO scope. Cheap to shoot and a reliable little tack driver.

Hope you all enjoy looking at them as much as I like to shoot them!
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Nice AR mate. I really like the Noveske AR rifles.
Quick said:
Nice AR mate. I really like the Noveske AR rifles.
I'm very happy with my Noveske. Might be a bit more expensive, but the workmanship and operation is simply outstanding! Just added a Magpul AFG ( angled foward grip ) in FDE to replace the vertical grip and it is a more natural hand placement on the forearm. Very stable and comfortable!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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