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Here's my painted 700 I did today

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Well, I decided to paint my Remington 700 today. Here she is.

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I though you said it was just something simple...:D That looks really good for just a "quick" paint job!

What kind of paint did you use to do that with? I think I would like to try that on my SPS Tactical stock. I don't think paint would aheare to well to my Houge overmold stock.

What kind of scope is that?
It really is a simple paint job. I bought the HS Strut camo paint kit. It comes with the colors grass (light brown), brown,green and black and a fern stencil. The easiest way to do it is to take a metal coat hanger and put the hook end through your sling swivel. Then just hang it upside down (after you cover all the parts you don't want to get paint on). Do a light base coat (I chose grass as my base) and let it dry. Then use the same color and do a good covering of your rifle. DO NOT spray too close or you'll get "pooling" on your gun and it looks horrible.
After you let that dry put the stencil (or whatever you want) against the stock and randomly do quick sprays directly at the pattern. I used a sort of cheese cloth like material for the brown stripes that you see (it was something different) and then I went with the green and sprayed the fern pattern. It's OK and even encouraged, to go over some of your previous stencil with another color so that it gives it the blending effect. You can use any type of spray paint and use any color. I am going to buy some olive drab as my next color.
Not bad for a twenty dollar kit! The best part is that they sell a solvent that won't destroy your gun when you remove it. I'll probably put a winter camo pattern on it this coming winter when I am hunting coyotes. It's real simple to do...just remember to let it dry first before you apply more colors!
Oh yeah there's enough paint in the cans for several guns. I have already done three and I still have plenty left.
As far as the scope goes, I'll tell ya after I shoot it to see if it's any good :)!! I just put it on today. I will tell you it has a variale power from 6.5-20x44mm.
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Very nice mate. That scope, could that be one of the Nighteater scopes from Nikko Sterling??
Nope...keep guessing! I'll post a follow up on it when I get a chance to zero it and then I'll give it away!:D
Awesome about the paint job. I was concerned about if I ever needed to remove it, but it looks like they give you a solvent for that! That makes me less cautious to want to try it!

Where did you get the kit?
They sell the kit at any outdoor store. Gander Mountain, Dicks Sporting goods, bass pro shop. They should all carry them. The solvent doesn't come with the kit. You have to buy that seperately. Another bonus from the paint is that it helps to protect against rust. Oh yeah, one more thing before you paint your gun...wipe off all excess oil from it. Otherwise it will smear and won't take to your gun and dry all funky. The whole paint job took me about an hour. It really isin't that complicated just don't overthink it. Like when I painted this gun, after I put on the base and applied the brown digital, I was like Oh shit. But once you add the other colors and patterns you see how it blends in and looks good.
Also, on the scope you notice the black? That's because I was out of painters tape and had to wrap the moving parts on the scope with some cloth otherwise you would not even notice it.
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