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Home, home on the range

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I got outside with the .308 SPS Varmint the other day and was happy with my progress. I had no clue where I was landing and guessed I was low/left with my first 4 shots. I stapled up a couple sheets of blank paper as an aid and the next 2 shots showed I was actually high/right. I worked on zeroing the scope with the rest of the shots on the left side target and once I put one in the red I went to work on the right side target. Not too shabby at 100 yards on an 8 inch diameter circle with a brisk cross wind.

Then I moved over to the 200 yard lane and could see the target fine but not where the shots landed. I was pleasantly surprised walking up to take the picture that all 15 shots where on the targets. Incidentally, 4 of the shots were taken by my Cousin and it was the first time he had ever touched the gun...

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Any day you can spend on the range is a good one. I wanted to go today since it was the first nice day we've had in a while, but my daughter needed me to rewire her laundry room so you know where I was.
Yes, any day at the range is fun. However, I don't like cross winds... It will throw me off balance too much at the bench :D

What ammo were you using?

Magtech, very clean. Found 50 round boxes for $37 at Cabela's!
Nice shooting mate. Well done.
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