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Howdy From A Newbie

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Hi Guys. I couldn't figure out where else to put this. So, excuse the misstep if I screwed up.

I just joined today and really like what I see so far. My 700 is by far my favorite rifle and I am really happy to find a site dedicated to my baby. I have a Bell & Carlson coming and I'll post pics as soon as I drop the guts in. I'll see of I can dig out one of my old targets to oput in the range result sections too.

Thanks. Talk to you soon.
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This is... well, will be the right section once you get your rifle finished!

Welcome to the forums! Glad you found the site!

I'm eager to seem some picks of your rifle, as I've been leaning toward the B&C stock. I know they are reasonably priced and people seem to like them!
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