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Well, actually, not hunting, blowing shit up.

Back when I was a young Sailor, I was stationed at the Weapons Storage Site outside of Vegas. We spent a lot of time around the Kane Springs area shooting Jack Rabbits, ground squirrels and coyotes.

On one such trip, My buddy Red and I came on an abandoned mine site. The hillside was covered with ground squirrel holes but the thing that caught our attention was a small cardboard box covered with a tarp sitting in the dry creek bed. Me, being the stupid one of the duo, suggested we shoot a few holes in it in case it was full of rattle snakes. Red opted to remove the tarp with a long stick. Good thing he did because it was an almost full case of blasting gelatin.

Since it had been sitting in the hot desert for who knows how long, Nitro crystals had formed on the sticks and box. We had a few choices. Leave it there for some kids to find and blow themselves up, Take it back to the base for proper disposal, or have some fun. Being young and indestructible, we elected to have some fun.

We packed a few sticks into a squirrel hole and waited a few minutes. Mr. Squirrel poked his head out and I fired my .243 at the sticks.

Then Red took a turn with the same results.

The last shot was 13 sticks.

Great way to spend an afternoon.

I'm sure the population has recovered since that was back around 1968. Might try that area if you're in the neighborhood.
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