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hunting scopes

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Well Gentlemen,

Let's open this thread up with a discussion of hunting scopes we have owned.

My first scope for a center fire rifle was a Tasco 4 power. Bought it at Oshman's sporting goods in Bay City Texas in 1963. Very expensive, $19.95. Got weaver mts and rings to mount on my Savage 99 in .243 wcf. Killed a herd of deer with that combo. And get this, it was and is still the clearest scope I have ever owned.

There was a plethora of .22 scopes, both weaver and browning. All were useful but not as clear as could be.

Next scope for a center fire rifle was a Leupold 2x7 vx2. Had it on a 700 .22-250 and then on a rem 760 pump .270 wcf. Good scope, almost as clear as my 4x tasco, but not qiute.

Then, down throuigh the years there was another plethora of weaver 4x scopes and 3 different weaver 2x7 scopes. Never had any trouble with the weavers, they just kept getting away.

Had a couple of Redfields, 4x12 on a 700 .25-06, and a golden 5 star 4x on a win 70 lite weight .243. Both very accurate setups.

Had a Leupold 1.5 x 5 on a ruger 77 .270 wcf and a redfield 6x on a ruger #3 single shot .22 Hornet.

Another 2x7 weaver came along on a ruger 77 .30-06. Good all around deer, bear and elk setup.

Another 1.5 x 5 Leupold came along and is still with me. It now resides on a ruger #3 .375 JDJ with ruger #1 wood on it. What a hunter.

Another weaver 2x7 came along and resides on a 1954 vintage Savage 99 feather weight .300 savage.

Have a couple leupold 4.5 x 14 ao scopes with mildot crosshairs and target knobs.

Have a bushnell 10x40 mildot with target knobs on a custon win high wall .32-40 schuetzen rifle.

Have a leupold 4x on my win 70 xtr 6.5 x 55 rifle, very accurate combo.

Have a Burris 3x9 stainless compact on a custon t/c contender rifle in .219 donaldson wasp, extremely accurate at 100 yards. A one holer.

Also have a leupold 2.5x compact just laying around. It jumps from one rifle to another until I find the right scope for those rifles.

Also have a leupold 2.5x alaskan steel 7/8" tube scope on my ruger #3 .30-40 Krag in leupold mts and rings. This rig goes hunting when I can't make up my mind on the others.

Have a weaver 4x 50th anniversary engraved scope and rings on a pre-USRAC win 70 .270wcf. This rifle shoots 3 shot 1/2" groups at 100 yards with my hand loads.

I am sure there are more that I can't think of right now, but I will say this: all of these scopes have served their purpose well and none ever had to go back to the factory or were thrown away.

Oh, I even have a BSA 4x12 variable on a custom martini cadet .22 lr with a green mountain
half round half octagon barrel. Another one holer.

Dave (Bubba) Thornblom
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Wow.... you've certainly had a lot of scopes! My Dad had a old 2-7 vx2... probably 25 years old or so. We eventually sold i on eBay awhile back, and it still held it's value as we got a pretty good price for such an old scope!
Well, I started shooting and buying and trading guns when I was 17, and will be 62 in May. That's only about 1 scope per year if that much. But, taken altogether, it is a lot of scopes.

You realize of course, that I don't still have all of them.

Dave (Bubba) Thornblom
Well, I wouldn't be concerned if you did... I know someone who has 280 rifles! :D

A few extra scopes wouldn't surprise me at this point!
My first one was a Bushnell 3-9x40, came stock with the Win .270

Now I have a Nikon Bvuckmaster 4.5-14x40 BDC and love it, really let me see the difference between a inexpensive budget scope scope and a quality scope!
I had that same Bushnell, you can definitely tell a good scope from a just a cheap one.
First CF scope I bought was a Burris 2-7 for my Whelen. Pretty sure that I will be replacing it with a Leupy 2-7 VX2 or VX-II or whatever the heck they are calling them these days, matte with a LR Duplex reticle. I think all of my non-Leupold scopes will be replaced with Leupolds, unless I get on a euroscope kick, or I suddenly start making enough money that I can start buying Nightforce.
I think the Bushnell Elite scopes are great scopes for the money. I just bought a 4200 in 6-24x50 and it looks really good! I'm compared it to my Mark 4, and I think they look very very close in optical quality!

I was impressed!
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