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I need opinions

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What are your thoughts on a 243 win for 600 to maybe 1000 yds? Not competition just fun with the guys. The rifle is a Mauser K98 action, A&B .830 dia. SS fluted bbl, 4-12x50 AO Nikon glass, Fajen Ace Varminter wood, and Timney trigger.
I can shoot 5 shot groups the size of a dime @100yds and bust 16 oz water bottles @ 300yds all day long. I built this pig when I was in college so its not got the best of components but it works to 300yds so far. It's a good little gun to have on the bean fields for whitetails, never let me down. I have shot factory loads so far and will start reloading for it, have all the stuff to reload with just haven't. What would be a good recipe to start with. Bbl is 1-10 twist and factory 80 & 100gr shoot really good. Hit me up with some suggestions or whatever. Thanks in advance.
Here is a pic minus the glass.
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To achieve consistent elevation at 1000 yards you will have to chronograph your loads. Ultimately, you need ten shot strings with a velocity spread, from highest to lowest, of no more than 35 fps.
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