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I think I have a problem

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"Hello, I'm BK and I'm a brass hoarder."

"Hi BK!"

I was hauling some stuff that I had been storing at my sister's to my storage unit (not having a garage bites, BTW). I decided I maybe ought to figure out exactly what I have, and found some brass I had forgotten about.

Now if I could just find enough primers to get some of it loaded.
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Nah, you're just ecological minded.:D
You have to be patriotic and share the wealth, just ask Joe Biden.
Bloody hell. Thats a lot of brass!!!!!!!! Have you figured out what sizes you have (calibre, etc).
Yeah, Quick. Left row, top to bottom:
a small bag of mixed brass, mostly 7x57 and .270
sized and primed .308
7mm RemMag
.300 Weatherby
next row:
.17 Remington
small bag of 5.56/small bag .45 ACP
gallon bag of 5.56
.30-06 sized and primed
.45 ACP
Center row:
.40 S&W primed
.45 ACP primed
.45 ACP
Fourth row:
.357 Mag
9mm with a small bag of .357 on top
9mm primed/.380 ACP
.380 ACP primed
Right side is all .38 Special
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Quick said:
Bloody hell. Thats a lot of brass!!!!!!!! Have you figured out what sizes you have (calibre, etc).
Shaun aka 'Quick'
Two Rocks, Perth, Western Australia
Fullbore/PALMA and (soon to be) F-Class Standard Shooter
Omark Sportco 44 7.62mm (TR) & Remington 700 .308 Win (F-STD)
Not really.

I have 8 x 5 gallon pails of brass - full.

8 x 2-3 gallon Rubbermaid containers, 6 of which are full.

Plus 4 x 1 gallon Rubbermaid containers each ranging to 1/2 full.

About 80% of the brass is clean and ready to be loaded.:)

I have 9mm, 40S&W, 45ACP, .223/5.56mm, .308 and .338LM.

That's a lot of brass, but I sure there are a good number of people that have more.:)

FWIW I don't pick up my pistol brass at matches except the 45, which I shoot from a 'clipped revolver. I do pickup my rifle brass.
With the exception of the 45ACP brass, I get the other calibers for nothing. Yes, including .338LM.:D
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Certainly shows the difference between you guys and us. I dont know of any aussies that have that amount of brass laying around. I have about 90 Win .308 Brass and 15 Federal .308 brass and thats it. But i dont reload and im not at the range as much as I would like. And im still building my SPS Tactical up.
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