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Kudos to 308isgreat!

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This is just a BIG thank you to you "308". And I think this community should know what kind of great people we have here.
As we are all familiar, 308 replaced his stock with the HS Precision... when he posted this up, I PM'd him regarding his old Hogue stock...and if he would be willing to part with it. We discussed a very reasonable price...and I sent off a MO for the stock.
I have never met 308, we are on opposite sides of the US, and we just continued communication through PM on this site.
To make a long story short my Hogue stock made it here yesterday without incident.
I put this on my SPS (non tactical) in about 15 min, and believe me, there is a big difference between the Hogue, and the factory plastic one. (This is my "budget/hunting" 700, so no elaborate aftermarket accessories for her). This 700 is almost done (just need a sling).
SO, this is just a post about a great experience from one of our members here on Nice to know we have honorable people here...thanks 308isgreat!

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That looks quite good i think. Let us know how it goes.
Ahhhh anything to help out another fellow forum member and friend! I am pleased that the package arrived without incident. After looking at the pics looks like you have plenty of clearance on that barrel. No doubt on the free float issue on this weapon! :D I echo Quick's statement and let us know how it shoots. Glad to be of service to you!
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