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long range help!!!

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good morning all. if you have followed my post i am trying to get into the LONG range side of precision rifles. i have the gun but dont know what type of scope i need to make 1000yd kills. and if someone was to give something like a schmit/bender mil dot,i wouldnt know how to use a mil dot what i need? do they make a single dot optic with adjustable target turrets? and if yall suggest a mildot how do you use it correctly?dont want to flood the forum with junk questions but i hope that somebody can school this ole country boy from the south. thanks to everybody that replies........swampthang
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Nightforce all the way if you can swing it!

I run a MOA/MOA (NP-R2) 3.5x15x50 and love it! Range estimation, holding for windage and elevation are all very simple and easy with that rifle scope.
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