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M2 Ball 152 grain bullets

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Has anybody tried these M2 ball 152 grain bullets? I found some on the Internet, and they seem like a good bullet for .308. They were pull downs from 30-06 and they have a "crimp ring" or canalure it's called near the base.

They sell them quite cheap and I'm wondering if anybody has had any experience with the "ball" type US GI bullets.

I've been shooting 168 gr. SMK's, I wonder how they would compare to those. I would suspect they wouldn't be as good at long ranges but I'm limited to about 150 yards anyway.
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You may be OK at 150 but otherwise the are a waste of money. Buy 100 or 200 and try them
If your looking for a deal on some 168 gr bullets, take a look at these:

MB30168H MIL-SPEC 30 CAL 168GR BTHP MATCH BULLETS $93.00 per 500

True match quality bullet. Can be used in any 30 cal case for spectacular match ammunition.
Copper jacket, lead core, no cannelure, extremely accurate at half the price.
Now that is a good deal! I would be more comfortable with those bullets I think! I've had good luck with the 168 SMK's so I would like to stick with that weight.
The ballistic coefficient of the M852 Match bullet is 0.215 (Sierra 168 gr BTHP is 0.462) so make sure that you adjust your ballistic calculations accordingly.
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