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M725 .270

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Things have gotten a little slow around here, so I thought I'd throw something else out for you guys to check out. It's a Model 725, which is a precursor to the 700. I don't exavtly know the history of this rifle. My uncle gave it to me for safe keeping. I dunno if that means it's mine, or if he'll want it back at some time in the future. I believe it may have belonged to my grandfather. Whatever the case may be, it had to have been made in '61 or before, as I think the 700 was introduced in '62. I haven't yet mounted a scope on it. Probably going to put a VX II 3-9 on it.

Interested to see what it'll do. Never shot a .270 before. Much too normal for the likes of me, don'tcha know.
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A classic for sure! I recognize that long action of the .270! Tell your uncle you'll be glad to keep it for him. :D
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