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Midway USA Drag Bag (Review, LOTS of pics)

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Did not know where to place this, you guys don't have a review post aria. But my R700 is in the pics :D

Review today is of the new Midway USA Drag Bag!

I would like to start off by saying that I don't think you could get a better deal on a drag bag (wile it is on sale that it). Pulling it out of the box it had a nice heft to it. My first impression was that its a very sturdy and durable bag. There is a good heavy duty zipper running the length of the bag, and reinforced with some big buttons as well.

This bag has 3 compartments on the front side. The larger one being (12"L x 9"H x 2"W) with two adjustable straps inside. The next two compartments are both (22"L x 5"H x 2"W) with a strap in each one. The locational of the straps in the two longer compartments are located close to the back, so I am not sure exactly how well they will benefit me. Unlike the longer ones though the big compartment has straps evenly placed inside, and have worked very well for me. I was able to fit 4 boxes of Fed .308 gold match in there and strap them down nicely. I must not forget the smaller compartment on the front side of the larger one. This one has no depth to it, so I don't see anyone having anything more then a map maybe in there.

On the back side of the bag there are backpack straps. They do have a nice bit of padding on them, and are very comfortable. There is a chest strap to help hold them together, and even a small strip of elastic to keep the chest strap from compressing your chest to much, almost like a stress buffer. This elastic stip seems about the same quality has underwear elastic at best. Its a nice idea, but I don't see it lasting. The thing I don't like about these straps is that its very hard to slide them threw the pocket to hid them. Although they to tuck in there nicely. To add to this there is a shoulder strap to help you carry the drag bag. There are a few mounting spots along the bag to clip onto, as well as loads of loops about the face of the bag to hang, strap or whatever you want off of them.

Moving on to the inside now. First thing you see is the dividing wall. Theres not much padding in this, but its hard not to when you are trying to make room for two rifles in the bag. This divider rely would not work if you have two large long range rifles. Although it would work nice if you have a long barreled AR and a second upper on the other side. Bad thing about this wall is that you are not going to want to remove it, although you can if you want. The wall is held down by Velcro running the length of the bag, only they have the hard side of the Velcro in the bottom of the bag. So if you remove the divider you will be left with the sharp Velcro that would most defenitly scrape, rub, and ware on your rifle. I'm not fond of this, so I have it in there for added padding on the back side of the bag. Also hiding a notebook and some targets on the other side.

Inside the rifle, there are 4 straps in all. Two on each side, intended for when carrying two fire arms. These straps are adjustable, but not movable. So you are stuck with them where they are. In reality the length they have to wrap is MUCH longer then it needs to be. On the back wall inside the bag is at first what appears to be a nice little button pouch for ammo. You think “Wow thats nice to have there”. Upon opening it up you see 10 elastic ammo loops, thinking “Now thats nice to have. I'm going to enjoy this”. Only to try slipping your .308 ammo in there and have it fall threw to the bottom of the pouch. If you have anything smaller then a 300 win mag then these loops will not do anything for you. I honestly think they would even be shaky for the 200 win mag. They are not held down very well, and are made of the same “Underwear at best” quality elastic. I'm using this pouch to hold my bolt, for fear that it may get damaged with the Tac-Ops bold knob on it.

All and all I think this is a good bag for what I payed. If you get one on sale (about $50+s/h), then you are getting a good deal. I think this bag makes a good range bag, and that is exactly what they describe it as on there site. It would not make a good field bag though (IMO). Once this bag is being sold for its “full price” I don't see why you would not save up a little more and get a Tac-Force. Ill be keeping mine none the less, but I may end up using it for my tactical shotgun and get a nicer drag bag for my long range rifle.

This was my review. Hope you enjoyed it, and that it may help inform you more of the new Midway USA drag bags.

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Excellent! Thanks for posting that review! I've looked at these bags a time or two. I'm glad to hear that you felt it was good quality material... I look for "construction" quality in the things I buy. I think it says a lot.

By the way, we now have a "Product Reviews" forum... :D
Nice one mate. I like it.
Last night I got a little board, looking for a new project, and starting going to town on my drag bag. I cut off the flap on the bottom of the divider (So I could take the divider out and use the flap to cover the hard Velcro.). Then sewed up the bottom of the divider so I could continue to use it (taping the bottom as well to hold it together better). Took out the threads holding the straps to the opposite side, and pout some Velcro on them. Then placed the straps where I now wanted them in the bottom of the bag (still leaving the straps on the other side on). Covered the bottom with the strip, and placed the divider back in the bag (for padding. It was a little week on padding when I took it out) and replaced my rifle. Now having adjustable straps for my rifle, lots of padding on the back, and it gave me something to do... :lol:

I go a little crazy if I don't have something to do... lol
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Now you probably like it even more since you made it the way you want it to be!
I got one a couple of weeks ago when they were on sale, it's a decent bag. I'm thinking of getting another one so I'd have to get another rifle to put in it. It's not good to leave drag bags
empty. Besides my rifle, 700 SPS V .308, I can put ammo, spotting scope, binoculars, hearing protection, chronograph, notebook/pens, small tarp, bug spray, small radio, flask and a couple of sandwiches. all fit in the bag with room to spare. I'm good for the day. IMHO for $50, it's a great buy.
Thanks for the review. I've had my eye on getting this bag after I buy a Remington 700. Nice to know it's not junk and worth it for the sale price.
I got 2 of these bags.
They have a lot of some very useable pockets, they hold just about anything.
They have held everything I have tried to stuff in it so far.
They are worth the money. $54.00
I think I will customize mine by cutting some of the straps because I will not use all that are on the bag.
And I keep getting them caught getting it in and out of the trunk of the car.
I will also take out the center seperator as I plan on carrying only 1 gun in each bag.
And the 26" barrel still has 2"-3" of play
This bag is getting a lot of comments. I had to buy an "emergency cheap" one at Gander Mountain because when I mounted the scope on my AR, it was too big to fit in the. Once that gets beat up, I will certainly look at getting one of these.

Reasonable price also.
SemperFi said:
Reasonable price also.
Yeah, looks fine.
But this one "more reasonable price" (e-bey):

Made in Hong Kong. Not "anti tank" quality there, but quite usable.

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Mate, can you do a write up of that bag and also exactly where you got it?? I really like it. just copy and past the above link this looks to be exactly the same cary case, from Australia. It says for Air Soft but looks sturdy enough.
Oh, thanks! Looks like mine one, exactly Hong Kong thru Australian seller. But I put "powder-soft" LTR there. :) There are a different sizes, I use 40'.

Just bought one on Amazon for $50. Can't really justify spending $250 on a Blackhawk drag bag when this one looks about the same for $200 cheaper.
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