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MidwayUSA's Customer Service

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Last week I recieved my first order from Midway, a set of dial calipers. I opened the case and much to my disapointment the slide lock screw was bent like an "s". The compressed threads were right at the top of the assembly, so you could screw it down just enough to hold a reading. The rest of the caliper was in great shape and worked fine. Knowing that the srew was weakened and having paid for a new product, I wanted a caliper in new condition. I contacted Midway's customer service to see if I could get another screw or swap out the whole unit for a new one. They told me that they had a brand new one being mailed to me that afternoon and to keep the other one or throw it away if it did not work. Two thumbs up for Midway's Customer Service! Their staff is also very friendly and helpful on the phone.
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Midwayusa is a great company to do business with. I have been dealing with Midway since about 1988. Always got exactly what I ordered and quickly. Never a problem. I have ordered dies, calipers, bullets, cases, scopes, slings, knives, shell holders, ammo boxes, ammunition, and much more. Good prices, good service and good products. What else could you ask for.

Dave (Bubba) Thornblom

PS: Stexshooter, check your messeges.
I like Midway as well! They ship stuff quickly and have good sales on stuff from time to time. ".. And that's the way it is..."

I've never received anything damaged from them, but it's good to know that if I do, they will be make it right!
I echo all of your statements on Midway's customer service. When I have ordered various supplies including a recent purchase of an HS Precision stock they have been quick to ship and the items have reached my door step in good order. I will continue to do buisness with them in the future.
i have been doing business with midway for over 20 years. there is a reason you get customer loyalty like that. good products, fair prices, and GREAT customer service.:)
I have had good luck with Midway as well their customer service and prices are good.
The only problem I have with Midway is that their sales always seem to correspond with my times of greatest poverty.
BobC said:
The only problem I have with Midway is that their sales always seem to correspond with my times of greatest poverty.

This works for me because I can get the bill paid off before I start another buying adventure!!
I know this is old, but I just came across it. And this bears repeating!

Larry (MidwayUSA) is the example of what is right with the world today. Great man, great company and even times when he's a few bucks more on his stuff I always - always - go with MidwayUSA. I used to shop around alot, but Larry's the only one who tells me straight up if he has something or if it's back ordered. Most sites wait until I call a few days later asking where my stuff is, then they tell me "oh, we don't have that in stock sir". I'm done with all that.
A few months back I ordered a buncha ammo and magazines from Midway. As I don't like having that stuff left outside my door, and knowing that I would be home that Friday, I waited until about 9PM central on Tuesday and ordered using 2 day shipping.

My order shipped 45 minutes later for Thursday delivery.

And that is the 'worst' incident I have had with Midway.
I like Midway too. Fast shipping, and easy to find what you want.
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