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MilDot Master

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After purchasing a Bushnell 3200 Elite 321040T with a MilDot reticle I decided to get a MilDot Master analog calculator to help me more quickly calculate the range of targets downrange. The scope is a 10x fixed power and I have been using a formula I found ( target size in inches x 27.8 divided by the number of mils ) for determining yardage and this works well. After using this nifty tool all I have to do first know what size the target is in inches and how many mils I measure in the scope. The info I now have is then refrenced on the sliding calculator and bam I have the distance to target in yards or meters. Yes the sliding scale is reversable for both yards and meters! After testing out several calculations using the math formula and using the MilDot Master with the same info it is right on with my math. It also calculates wind deviation, bullet drop and angle of shot up or down, but I am still reading up on these calculations. I comes with a handy instruction use manual and after some quick study can get you up and running with the basics to range shots fairly well. Heres a few pics showing the calculator and the instruction manual it comes with......

Cant wait to use this with the new scope at the range and in the field this coming hunting season! :D
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I had one of those but I gave it away. Can't use it on prairie dogs because they are too small and deer can't be seen far enough away to matter around here. 100 yards is a long shot in my woods unless I'm sitting on my range and they come walking down from the 200 yard line. It would be useful out west where you can see for miles, or for hunting in a bean field. It's still a useful skill to master and every shooter should understand the process.
Well it appears to be a pretty handy tool for out in the field and I dont like to rely on a battery powered device that could crap out when you need it. The mathmatical formula I use works well, but its always good to have a back up if needed! ;)
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