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Millett TRS-1 4-16x50?

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Just ordered a SPS-T in .223, due to pick it up next week. Trying to decide on glass, but budget is tight.

I'm looking at the Bushnell 3200 Tactical 5-15x40.

But I was wondering if any of you had heard anything about the Millett TRS-1? (4-16x50)

It looked like Millett made recent design changes based on user feedback. I like the lifetime guarantee, and one feature that I like that gives it an edge on the Bushnell, is the side focus.

Was wondering if anyone here had experience with this scope, or even just opinions?

I can get the Millett for around $300, and the Bushnell for $340. I had considered Falcon Menace and Super Sniper, but can't justify the added expense vs what they have to offer.
Can't afford much else. Already pinching pennies, skipping lunch... and hiding the rifle purchase from the missus. :p
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Welcome to the site! I know you will like for SPS Tactical!

Are you sure that Bushnell doesn't have a side focus/parralax adjustment?

On the Bushnell website it says: Parallax setting from 10 yards to infinity

This would indicate to me that it is adjustable... but I could be wrong I guess.

I haven't seen one in person so I don't know for sure.

EDIT: I see you said "Side focus".... I didn't catch my mistake until I looked at the photo! :D
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yeah, The 3200 5-15x40 Tactical has an AO, NOT a side parallax adjust. But it works just as well. The side parallax adjust is just easier to use.
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