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MN Senate Recount

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I just have to write about this "recount" that's going on between Coleman and Franken. It's simply outrageous how Coleman can go from a 700+ vote lead over Franken to now Franken having a 200+ lead.

They are obviously recounting and skewing the results in Franken's favor. Usually recounts don't really yield vote tallies that are this much different from the original election night results.

I've heard they even made duplicates of some of the ballots that wouldn't scan on election night... but "forgot" to label them as duplicates. Which means there's going to be some double counting going on.

Dick Morris has some excellent blog postings over the past few days about this:

Has anyonelse heard or read anythhing more about the MN Senate race?
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I have to admit I'm not really following it very closely. First reason is I'm still mad about to last ('07?) Washington state election for Governor that the demo's cheated on the recount. Second is the fact that I seriously hate Al Franken.
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