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My 700 SPS Varmint (308)

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Here's the 700 I just bought and the target from the range at a 100 yards. I didn't have my shooting rest because my buddy had it so I used three blocks of wood and a gun cleaning pad. Not bad grouping for just coming from the store and right to the range.

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Welcome to the forums!

Good shooting on that target! I use that same Sierra bullet, my gun also shoots well with it!
Welcome mate. Very nice shooting. What scope, rings and base are you using?? What plans do you have for the rifle now?
The scope that I had on it when I zeroed it was just some no name 4-12x40 scope. I assume that the rings are, were, weaver. I have since switched scopes and changed the rings to Leupold. The scope will remain nameless until I test it out.
I plan on buying a stock for it, probably a HS Precision and definately upgrading the scope (even the new one). I want to get into long range competitions and hunting and the 700 is the best platform for that, IMHO.
Ive got a 700P take off stock for my SPS Tactical. If you are looking for one of those, hope over to Sniper Central (where a few of us come from) and Have a look for the Classifieds - Kit forum, you will find a thread with many 700P take off stocks for sale for good prices. Dont buy brand new, you will pay too much. Either that, or Talk to Mike R of Tactical Operations and ask him for one, he usually has quite a few laying around.

Im assuming you in the USA??
I appreciate the info. I will look into it. Yeah I live in the USA, sorry I need to update my profile. I plan on being a regular on this site, as much as work,reserves and family allows.
Excellent! Glad to hear you want to frequent this site! It's relatively new, but I hope things continue to grow with it!

Are you in the Army reserves?
Yeah I am in the Army reserves. I was in the Marines back in 99-00. I took an 8 year break (literally) and I decided to join again. I made a deal with my wife (my second!) that I could get back in but she said no to me rejoining the Corps! I took the compromise because I wanted to get back in....I went from an 0311 to a 21B (combat engineer). I don't know why we are called engineers because we don't build anything. We do convoy escort, route clearnce and mobile breaching teams. I smell a deployment in the near future too so I am buying my toys now so that I can enjoy them while I can.
Thanks for your service to this country! Hope all goes well in your future!!
Next time you go out shooting, try using one of these plot cards I made. I've been in a little load development for my .223 and I've had a need for something where I can track my loads and then plot the shots. It's a pretty simple form, but I think it may be useful!

Let me know what you guys think and if I should add something else to it. Filesize: 2MB

It's made so you can print it out on 8.5 x 11 paper and then cut those in half for a better fit in a small binder or something. It has two per page.

Here's a screen shot of what it looks like. The pdf above is a high resolution so it will print out nice a crisp! I wonder if I should make a version that has either a round or square (grid) target instead of both on the same page? I guess my thinking was that it could work for both round targets and the square-grid type targets as well.

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Looks great and printed out nice! My reloading equipment should be here sometime next week! I can't wait. It's nothing fancy, actually pretty simple Lee Precision reloader. I will update later.
jinxed247 said:
My reloading equipment should be here sometime next week! I can't wait. It's nothing fancy, actually pretty simple Lee Precision reloader.
I use the Lee stuff... nice and cheap and works well!
I hope so...I was just going over some of the loads that you all are using on the reloading page. It's nice to see that the load that I had in mind somebody was already using with success. I plan on using 168 gr bullet with RL 15 powder and CCI 200 primers. Brass I am up in the air on as this is going to be my first attempts at reloading. Thanks for the charts I will post my results when I get a chance to go out shooting again.....You don't happen to know the reloading info on the bullet I was using do you?
Here's my recipie that I've had good results with. Some of the measurements and stuff below are specific to my gun's chamber as far as bullet seating depth etc. You will have to determine what's best for your gun, but I would start out just loading to the "factory specs" as described in the realoading data that comes with the dies.

Powder: 45 gr. Hodgdon Varget
Bullet: 168 Sierra Match King HPBT
Primer: CCI BR2
Brass: Winchester .308 New

Resize Case to get .045 negative head space reading from RCBS precision mic

Trimmed Case Length: 2.015”

Seat bullet to achieve 2.931 OAL

Here's a range report with some photos of the results I got with my recipie...
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Do they explain all that stuff about .045 neg headspacing or am I just going to have to guess?! Like I said this is going to be a first for me so any and all info will help out tremendously!!
Well, not really. But this article discusses those two things. I had to use a RCBS Precision Mic to get those measurements. You definitely don't want to guess.

That's kinda a step-by-step on how to get those measurements. I would say it's not a tool you need right away, but maybe something you want to get once you get into shooting it a bit more and want to squeeze some extra performance out of your gun.

It's caliber specific, so you will have to get one for each caliber you have.

It's also something you will only have to do once per gun... so once you use the tool, it just kinda sits there on the bench looking lonely! :lol:
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