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My Brand New Rem. 700 .308

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Just got this baby over the weekend. I have to fight myself from keeping it out of the case. Not sure how she shoots yet, hope to break her in soon. will have range report ASAP

Sorry the Picture is enormous.
Here go the specs according to the dealer.

Remington 700 SPS cal .308
26" barrel
HS Precison adjustable stock w/ alum. bedding
HS trigger guard with 10 rd mag
4-16x50mm Millett scope(to be replaced with something incredibly nice...tbd)
good old fashioned harris bipod.

If i could get some ideas for a really nice scope that would be awsome. I plan on going all out on this puppy. i was hoping to get some first hand feed back on some Night Force scopes. Id love a Schmidt and Bender (who wouldnt) but at around $3000 thats a little pricey.
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I havent got a NF but you cant go wrong with the 3.5-15x50. One of the best and most widely used optics for the .308.
I can't see the picture. :(

But welcome to the forums!! Glad to have you here! :D

Quick, you bought a Night Force? How do you like it?
I said I HAVENT got a NF. But from what I have read and alike, they seem to be the best bang for the buck riflescope out there. The 3.5-15x50 is one of the most used NF scopes. Especially for .308.

Btw, I WISH I had a NF. But at about $2000AUD, a tad much. It would cost twice as much as my rifle!!!!!!
:D I mis-read it.

I was thinking they might be expensive down there!
fixed the picture so hopefully you can see it now :D
Looks nice mate. Good work.
Looks good! What size bi-pod is that? Do you shoot off of a bench with that? I'm looking at getting one and not sure what size to get for bench shooting.
I will be shooting off a bench, i believe it is the HBRS harris bipod. goes from 6" to 9". i have the same one on my rem. 700 22-250. it shoots great off a bench.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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