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My soon to be 1000 yard Prairie Dog rifle

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Sitting in my deer stand all week gave me plenty of time to daydream and consider a new rifle for the upcoming Prairie Dog season. I have pretty much decided on an 8 twist 6mm BR and I have a Rem 700 action that has been trued and lapped sitting in the shop. I have a 6BR that I bought this year but it's a 14 twist and won't handle the higher BC bullets that I want for long distance shooting so I'll sell it to help fund my new project. I also have a Jewell trigger sitting in the shop and some 20 MOA Leupold mounts. Sunday night I ordered a stock and it should be here by Friday. Now I have to run down to the local Gunsmith and give him my first born son and all my hard earned cash. I'll use the scope I have on my current 6BR so that will save me some bucks. The new rifle will look just like this old one except it will have a 28 inch barrel.

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Cool gun. What kind of stock are you getting?
Can't wait to see it! How long do you think before he will have it ready?
Doug308 said:
Cool gun. What kind of stock are you getting?
I'm going with the 40XB stock like I have on the rifle in the photo. I like them and they are cheap.
SemperFi said:
Can't wait to see it! How long do you think before he will have it ready?
I'm hoping for March or April. We usually go dog shooting in June and I want it done and a load made up by then.

As an aside, my shooting buddy was over here this afternoon and he got the bug to build another rifle also. We're going down to see the Smith tomorrow.
I spent most of the day with the Gunsmith today. It's going to cost about $700 bucks for a new Lilja barrel. The Smith said to go with a 24 inch tube instead of the 28. Not sure I want to do that but I'll look into it.
That's about what I figured on a time frame. Any clue why he is recommending the 24" barrel length? Seems like you would want max velocity which I why I'm assuming you want the 28" barrel for those long range shots!
Well, he (and a few others) believe that there is nothing to be gained by the extra 100 or so FPS.

His first point is that as long as you are going above the speed of sound at 1000 yards Velocity don't matter. You don't want to drop throught the sound barrier on the way to your target. With my intended load I should be good to 1300 yards.

Second point is that all that weight hanging off the action induces stress in the action unless you use a barrel block bedding system. (which is added expense.)

Third is that you want the bullet to be out of the barrel as soon as possible before the recoil gives its full effect.

In the 6BR with its small, 30 grain powder load, the powder will be burned up in less than 24 inches.

If I intended to use it as a sniper weapon or big game rifle, it would be whole nuther ballgame
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Interesting... I guess that makes sense. I'm not sure a barrel that's 4 inches shorter would reduce the stress on the receiver all that much, but I guess I could be wrong!
The barrel of this size weighs 4 oz per inch so 4 inches would be an extra pound out 2.5 feet from the threads of the action. I'm not sure it's enough for me to worry about and I think I'm going to go with a 26 inch barrel.

I got my stock in on Monday. I found I didn't have enough bedding compound so I had to hit the gunshop today. That stuff has sure gone up. $27.00 fo a Brownell kit. Guess I'll try something else next time.
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