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My SPS tactical build

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New to this site. I'm glad there's a site dedicated to the 700 rifle! I Thought I'd post my build. Just shot it for the first time today. I am very happy to find a load that shoots 3/4". Using 175 SMKs and 43 gr Varget in winchester case and remington 91/2 primers.

SPS tactical with the new xmark external adjust trigger
Bell & Carlson Light Tactical Stock
Sightron SIII 3.5-10X44 Mildot
Badger Base
Seekins Rings
Harris Bipod
TIS Slipcuff sling
Eagle stockpack

The orange targets are 3" circles at 100(best group on the right), The view through the scope is at the 500 and 600 yd line steel targets
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Nice rifle mate. Can I ask how much the scope set you back??
ACtually I got a great deal on the scope. People don't know very much about Sightrons here in the US(not much advertising) so there is low demand for them, even though they are an excellent quality scope. The retail price is $700 but I got it for $500 shipped. In my opinion it's just as good as a Leupy 3.5-10X40 at 1/2 the price. The knobs are audible, repeatable and track well with over 100minutes of elevation and windage. It's rated for 50Cal recoil. I've compared the glass next to my nightforce and it's pretty damn close. My idea for this build was to make a Light budget rifle. I already have a 700 SPS varmint in an AICS that I spent alot on and put a nightforce 5.5-22X50 on top of. I wanted to see if I could make a rifle that was alot cheaper but still good quality, good accuracy and LIGHTER. My Other rifle weighs in at 15+ pounds. This one is right around 10. Total cost for this build including optics and accesories was less than what I paid for my nightforce.
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WOW. Mate, where did you order that scope from?? Thats a very good price.
I sent you a PM. Hope it helps.
Nice rifle and welcome to the site!

You will no doubt like your SPS Tactical more and more as you use it! :D

I was out shooting with mine for the first time this season. I shoot the 168 SMK's.

The smallest 3-shot group was (.547" outside to outside) -- actual group size: .239" -- Dad shot that one... sadly not me :(

My smallest 5-shot group (throw away "flinch" shot) was (.707" outside to outside) -- actual group size: .399"

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Nice groups! I'm still getting use to the slightly different bullet drop from the 20" barrel when I shoot out a little further. I'm quite happy with the SPS. Probably one of the best deals in an off the shelf precision rifle.
I couldn't agree more! I've certainly been impressed with it!
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