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Need advice on a scope.

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Hello everyone, I have an SPS chambered in .30-.06, it is my first firearm. It isn't the first firearm i have shot, just the first i have owned. I have been looking around at some scopes and i was just wondering what some of the opinions of the more seasoned shooters here were on a few scopes i am considering.
Vortex Diamondback
Bushnell Elite 4200
Burris Fullfield II
Nikon Buckmaster
Leupold Rifleman

All scopes are 3-9x40mm. Also, what base/rings are good and would work best for the 1'' tube? Low/med/high? Thank you for your time everyone.
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out of the ones you've listed, i've noticed that the consensus tends to favor either the bushnell, nikon, or vortex. i've also heard good reviews on swfa ss scopes. has a lot of useful info too.

i'm sure with a 40mm objective lens, you can get away with any low rings, but don't hold me to that. tps and egw bases are the best bang for the buck. as for rings, again tps, and also the burris xtreme rings.

hope this gives you a starting point. my sps tac is in 308, and i'm sure there's 30-06 shooters out there would suggest something totally different.

good luck!!
Try the new Redfield scopes,made by Leupold in the USA,lifetime warranty.Around $200.00
medium rings.
Hi Cherns,
I truly hope that what I have to say does not make you bitter and twisted but I feel as though I owe you the truth. The thread that I refer these questions to is,

The posts you need to especially look at are:-
#3 especially the first line
#7 I actually forget this one but have noted it down, so I must have thought it was relevant
#8 by Jackie Schmidt

Hope this does not put you off shooting for life, mate. A lot depends on whether you shoot target or hunt. This will effect the reticle you choose. Most of us, buy the best we can afford and trust to luck. At least that's what I do.
Good luck!
Thank you for all the help so far everyone, the SFWA SS scopes are nice, I will look into the Redfield scopes, they look promising. Thanks quaid for the info, i spent a lot of time going over that thread.... I want a March now... unfortunately you put it best...

quaid said:
Most of us, buy the best we can afford and trust to luck. At least that's what I do. Good luck!

So that's probably what I'll be doing as well. Thank you again for the advice that you guys have provided me!
if you want to wait for the PST vortex line up to come out in June they look like there going to be a real good scope for the buck ..........
yeah The PST are looking good but im still going for a Nightforce NXS 3.5-15x50. I am currently running a Bushnell 3200 10x40 and its a great scope. Ive also run a 5-15x40 Bushnell aswell and its a good scope aswell, just doesnt have much adjustment, at least as much as i like to have. the 10x40 has about 65MOA of adjustment and thats enough to reach to 1200mts with the 308 Win.

The big question(s) are:

What is your budget??

What will the rifle be used for??

Answer them and I'm sure we can help you much more.
right now my budget is between 200-350ish, eventually i want to get a very nice high end scope, but that will have to wait.

and i will use the rifle mainly for hunting and for some target shooting. no competitions or anything like that, just for fun.

Also, i was looking into the egw and tps picatinny rails, and they come in different MOA's, what exactly does that mean and which would be the best to get?
20 moa base is a little higher on the rear, so you'll have more adjustment on your scope for longer range shooting.
Weaver has some great new scope offerings as well,check out their website,they are affiliated
with ATK which owns among others ,Federal,CCI,Nitrex optics, A very aggresive company that
builds quality products. I am going to purchase the Weaver tactical 4x20x50 as soon as I can
scrape up a few more bucks!
i just figured that i would just buy a decently good scope so that i may go out and start using my rifle now, and then i can save up on the side and just upgrade later, and with a much more expensive scope. I do plan to have this rifle VERY nicely equipped eventually (new stock, new trigger, VERY VERY nice mounts/rings/and scope, other accessories, etc...), but for now, I just want to have it nicely set up without breaking the bank so i can start having fun with her!
Well, the bushnell 10x40 is a good sub 200 scope. the WOTAC, Bushnell 5-15x40, are also good scopes. Also, get a good 20MOA base no matter how far you shoot. It will let you shoot to 800 - 1000.
Quick question everyone, in your opinions, which is better and why, a fixed or variable power scope?
Variable power, if your main intent is to hunt with it, I would go 3x9x40 or 4x12x40 they give plenty
of power,collect plenty of light and are not so large as to be cumbersome. I work in a gun shop
and have this question come up all the time, spend as much as you can afford and buy what fits
your needs the best. If you target shoot for groups buy a target scope with adjustable AO if you
mostly hunt, buy a hunting scope that has enough magnifacation for longer shots,but not so much
you cant see close shots without really searching for your target. 3 and 4 power allows you to see
your game close up. 9-12 power gives plenty of power for those longer shots. The 3x9x40 isn't the
most popular scope on the market without reason followed closely by the 4x12x40
I have a Mueller Tac II, but I understand Leopold's Redfield line is good in your price line. You wouldn't need a 20moa base unless you're hunting out past say 500 yards I would think.
thank you for all the help everyone, it's been very useful and informative. I have yet another question, I was wondering what the difference between the Nikon Team Primos Monarch 3-9x40mm and the regular Nikon Monarch UCC are? Is the Team Primos a real Monarch?
well, I ended up with a Burris Fullfield 30 3-9x40mm with the 3P#4 recticle, and I must say I am very happy with the decision! Thank you everyone for all your help.
Id say Bushnell 3200 save some cash. And its not a POS scope either. I bought mine to save some cash to upgrade
but I don't even think I'm going to upgrade I like mine so much. Great scopes and probably the best for the $$.
i run a burris fullfield 2 4.5x14x42 with ballistiplex on my remington 700 .270 which is my primary hunting rifle. Really nice scope for the $ i paid. Love the index cards for bullets to match the ballistiplex dots in the scope.
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