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Need Help

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I have a Rem. 700 SPS-V, and I was looking into the end of the barrel, and I found a rust colored buildup. I don't know if it is rust or copper fouling.

I was at my ranch a couple weeks ago, and at night it laid a thick cloud of dew all over the rifle. Being right in the middle of no where, I had no cleaning kit. I spent a few hours wiping it down, and went to sleep.

Imagine my surprise when I woke up...Rust in about 3 or 4 different spots.

I had some silicon spray and some lead pencils and that seemed to clear it up, when I came home a few days later, I cleaned that rifle like crazy for 2 days straight...

After 3 weeks, I find the buildup in barrel.

Can someone reccomend me a good copper/rust solvent?

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Welcome to the forums! Glad to have you here! :)

I'm thinking the buildup in the barrel is most likely copper. How many rounds do you have through it? Probably the cleaning you did exposed the copper so you could then see it. Copper fouling can easily be mistaken for rust... kinda orangeish.

For copper removal you can try either of these two products:

I personally use the Sweet's 7.62 and when you follow the directions on the bottle, (wet a patch with Sweet's and basically swab the barrel for 60 second intervals) it will work quite well. IF you have copper fouling, the patches will come out a light blue color. Keep giving it "treatments" until it's all gone or as much as you can get out of it.

For just general light rust, I think Hoppies No. 9 would work... probably any solvent really would work to remove light rust. I wouldn't use Sweet's just for rust because it has a strong ammonia smell!

Let us know what you find out, whether it's copper or rust.
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+2 on the Sweets.

Follow the directions implicitly lest you kill the barrel.
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