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New guy say's HI!

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I just wanted to say hello to the forum and show off my new "Big Boy Plinker". After considerable research for a "sniper" rifle I chose the .308 cal Remington 700 SPS Varmint. The performance and reliability of my 597 and 870 played a big role in selecting the 700 over the Weatherby Vanguard and Savage Hunter.

The scope and stock are a good starting point, who know what this rifle will end up looking and performing like with the array of aftermarket parts available. Don't be too impressed by my tight 3 shot groups because my local range is only a 50 footer. I'll shoot at 100 yards next weekend and will report back. Still I think I did OK for my first time with the rifle.

I don't know how much "chat" time I can spend here because I'm spread thin being involved with so many forums. I'll just say thank's in advance for your collective knowledge because I'm sure I'll come up with some newbie questions soon. Now I have to soak my sore shoulder in a hot bath and be thankful I didn't buy the 300 Magnum, OUCH!

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G'day mate. Welcome to the forums. Nice rifle. What scope and rings/base comp have you got there??
Welcome! You certainly made a good choice with the SPS!

Any new rifle will take some getting used to, practice practice practice. My AR-15 remined me of that this weekend! ;)
I love my SPS Varmint. Did some upgrades to it, but the base actioned barrel is capable of atleast moa accuracy. After some upgrades(stock, trigger, etc.) I have it shooting 3/4" at 100yds.
Quick said:
G'day mate. Welcome to the forums. Nice rifle. What scope and rings/base comp have you got there??
Thanks for the welcome! The scope is just the 4-12x40 that came with the combo but it's good enough for me at present. The base and rings are Leupold but no doubt made in China like everything else these days. Right now the number one modification will be a better recoil pad!!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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