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Hello Folks,

I was lucky to be born in 1962, the year that so many wonderful things were created! You know what I am talking about. :)

I bought my first Remington in 1984. It was an 870 Wingmaster in 3" Magnum. I still have that rifle. I bought my first Model 700 2009, a 1999 BDL DM. I've bought four more since then, starting with a 1972 BDL, then 2004 BDL, late synthetic ADL, and recently a 1996 BDL Stainless. I'm here to talk about the Stainless, but wanted to introduce myself first.

I live in the Lowcountry of South Carolina and love to deer hunt and camp. Here it is thick brush, so we generally hunt from stands. Also like to ride dirt bikes, surf, and travel a bit.

That's about it. Nothing too exciting, but I do love my Model 700s!

Best to all,

My 1984 Wingmaster, taken a year ago or so:
Plant Wood Natural landscape Terrestrial plant Grass

My new Stainless BDL, 300 Win Mag:
Carnivore Felidae Fawn Small to medium-sized cats Snout

Bicycle frame Automotive exterior Bumper Wood Rim

Grey Gadget Material property Font Electronic device

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