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New Member W/SPS Tactical .308

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Just purchased it on 5/30/09.

FIred it yesterday 6/1/09.


Under 1" groups right out of the box @ 100yards. Straight out of box to rifle bench, mounted a Leupold LPS 3.5X14X50 AO 30mm tube...

Factory Federal Fusion 150 gr. hunting ammo..

First group .75"

Second .5"


Thats all with the factory 6lb. trigger.

I can't wait to take that trigger down to about 3lbs and use some Match gr. ammunition.

Best value for the money.
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nice'll notice a huge difference with match...a huge difference
Welcome to the forums Fatty! That sounds so funny to say... I like your username!! :D

Show us those photos!
G'day mate. Pics, we need Pics!!!!
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