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New Member's 700 BDL

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IT is great to be among other "700" Loyalist. Remington has always been my brand of choice in long guns. My first rifle was a Remington single shot .22 given to me at age 12. The first rifle I bought was a 700 BDL in 7mm magnum. IT has been a great rifle and I have harvested 60+ deer with it and loads of feral hogs. My longest shot on a deer was 334 yards and 475 yards on a hog. I am interested in long range shooting and hope ya'll can help in my research on buying a 700 in .308, so I can build my dream "sniper rifle".

I have had a lot more time behind a rifle than a key board, so if someone could tell me how to load photos to a post I will get one up of my BDL. Thanks
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Welcome stex shooter, hey I'm not the new guy anymore!
Welcome! You are correct, it is great to be among "700" people. I look forward to checking out this site every day. How much money are you looking at spending on a new .308? There are certainly a lot of choices from Remington.
I am looking to spend $600-$800 on the base rifle and upgrade from there. I don't know what sps to go with. I am trying to build a accurate reliable .308 for ranges out to 800 yards. I will not just be shooting from a bench so I need it a reasonable length and weight. I am a wildlife mananger on a ranch in South Texas. We are on a management program therefore I shoot a lot of does and too many feral hogs to count. I am usually responsible for taking at least 30 to 50 deer per year and as many hogs as I can.
One of our lease hunters has the sps sniper rifle with the 20" heavy barrel and loves it. I just do not know if the 20" barrel will give enough velocity for longer shots and or stabilize the longer heavier bullets. What is the maximum effective range of the 20" police sniper rifle? My 7mm mag has a 24" barrel and is easy enough to get out the truck window for a shot and in the blind. Do they make a 22" .308 rifle? Please give me your thoughts.
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I don't think Remington make a 22" Heavy barreled .308. What you could do is get the SPS Varmint, and cut the barrel down to 22"and then also restock it. Use a HS Precision Police Type, B&C Light Tactical, etc. The 20" SPS Tactical will reach 1000yds with the right ammo. 800yds definitely. The 1:12 twist on the SPS Tactical and Varmint will stabilize 175gr SMKs. Depends on what you use.

Anyway, happy shooting mate. And Welcome to
How about the PSS? It may be the answer your looking for and in the price range. The LTR has the 20" barrel but the PSS is the longer. I have a VLS in .243 with a 26" heavy barrel and I can't say enough good about it. I camo'd the stock and it looks great. It is quite a bit heavier than the PSS but I don't really mind because I don't do much walking when I hunt here in N.C. The VLS also comes in .308. My son has a PSS in .308 and it is a very well balanced rifle. There would be less work for you to do if you got a PSS because it's already free-floated. The one suggestion I could give you is that no matter what you do, do NOT put a jewell trigger on your rig. If you do, you will undoubtably start buying them for all your rifles, they are that good!!! My groups decreased dramatically after I installed one on my .243. Shortly afterwards I put one on my sons .308 and my fathers .243 CDL. Good luck!

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check out most of us here are also members there and they have an incredible remington 700 entry package that includes the choice of a nice stock and a scope. mel has lsots of options over there so I really suggest you look at it. here is the link to the package page.
Thanks guys. I am also a new member at sniper central. I am stex shooter there also. Whatever rifle I get I was planning on putting a HS Precision stock, and probably a Leupold tactical scope, and Harris Bi-pod as money is availible. I would like the rifle I am trying to "build" to be able to be capable of consistently putting shots into a hogs head at up to 800 yards. I have senderos and fields that afford that kind of shot. My boss holds the record right now at taking a doe at 644 yards with a Vanguard 25-06.
Welcome to the forums! Glad to have you!

I've had nothing but good results using the SPS Tactical. I would say it would do very well at long range. I think the only "disadvantage" with the shorter barrel would be a slight loss of velocity. I think it's something like 40 fps per inch.

It will shoot .25 MOA all day long if I do my part, so that's why I would be confident of the gun at long ranges. However, my skill level isn't quite there yet... :D
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