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I am preparing a new rifle for elk/muley hunt in ID in the fall of 2011.(stoked):D
I bought a barely used stainless rem700 xcr in .300 win mag. 26" tube. Was told its has 3 boxs of shells thru it after being broke in with the Tubbs system. ($350) Bore looks nice

For optic i have selected a Leupold 4.5 x 14x40 VX3 CDS ($539)

I got everything set up and ran 2 box's of shell' s through it to see where I stood. I wasn't impressed with the patterns at all. Got my best groups at about 1.5 inches at 100 yards in a led sled. I have a rem700 .280 mountain rifle that i did a little work on 25years ago and it patterns about .3 to .5 inch at 100yds all day long.
So I am planning on doing a little work on the 300.

The stock is junk imho, so I am replacing it with a Bobby Hart AccuBlock Long Range Sporter (LRS) Remington
700 BDL SPS Laminated Thumbhole FBC Riflestock in granite grey. ($254)
This stock looks real good to me, It comes with a aluminum bedding block and pillers installed as well. Then do a free float/skim bedding job on it.

A sims recoil pad

I am on the fence in regards to a trigger. The .280 has a stock trigger that I adjusted to between 2.5 and 3 lbs (do not have a gauge to measure it) and its just fine.

Are the triggers of the new and old the same? The 300 is not externally adjustable and physically looks the same?

I also plan on a harris bipod and I think a butler creek sling. Also on the fence about the sling as well.

I am a little worried about weight... but overly so, I will have to carry it regardless of the weight.

So I am patiently waiting for Xmas,Tax's season to be over so i can get down to completing the rifle.

I am hoping that that will tighten things up considerably, I havn't reloaded in a long time, but plan to start again as soon as money and time allows. (summer)

Ammo i am hoping will pattern will initially be federal premium 180gn accubonds. I bought 2 box's to try next time I can get to the range.

I would like to be set up to be able to shoot up to 500 yards (hunting situations) Target range as far as she will go. I have practiced distance quite a bit and have taken some animals at some pretty decent ranges in the past with the .280
But never at 8500-9500 Feet

Will this get it done ??

Sorry for the length, I am itching to get startedbut have to wait for a bit

Regards and happy holidays to all.....PS my 1st post on this site
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