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new rifle

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hello everyone im new to the site since i just got my remington sps varmint in .223. i got it at a local gun shop in yuma, az for $590 i thought it was a pretty good deal.. i got it mainly just for target shooting. well now im looking for a scope, i was wondering what is a good magnification for the range of the .223? Im kinda leaning towards the barska 6-24x42 mildot scope but i was wondering if I could fit a 50mm scope with regular scope rings.. I'll post pics up soon
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That's a good price on that gun! If you want a good scope in the 6-24 rang, I when with the Elite 4200 on my AR-15 and I've been very happy with it! It's nice to see those .223 holes at 100 yards! :cool:
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