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New SPS .223

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Picked up a new SPS Tactical .223 last weekend. Found a Cabela's tactical 6-18 scope and was shooting the next day. Did a visual bore sight and got it shooting real well at 100, 200 and hit 9" plates at 300 and 400 yards. What a blast to shoot, I could darn near see the bullet hit the target. Shot nearly 40 rounds and got one 1/2" group at 100 yards. The verdict is still out on the scope but for a total of $679, I think it was well worth it.
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Welcome to the forums!

Yes, I agree, I shot mine the first time and was very pleased with the quality of the gun and especially the price. I have one in .308 and I like it more and more every time I shoot it!

You can always upgrade the scope at a later time if you decide it's not quite what you want. I like the tactical style turrets myself!

Do you reload your own ammo?
I reloaded in the past but haven't for a few years. Still have the equipment, maybe I'll have to start again. Thanks for the welcome!
The nice thing about .223, is that it's cheaper than some of the larger calibers even it you buy it off the shelf. I bet realoading .223 can be done quite economically!

You should post some pics of your SPS Tactical in our photo gallery.
How about some pics mate?? BTW, welcome to the Forums.
has anyone figured out serial numbers to manufacture dates.
not critical or even defensible but a curiosity just the same.
I didn't really find anything too much. Here are a couple of sites though.

I think the manufacture date has something to do with letter codes as part of the serial number. The first link tells what month each letter stands for. However, the second link seem to indicate that those letter codes only apply to guns from 1921-1972. Which makes sense, because my SPS Tactical serial starts with a "G", which according to the first link above, indicates it was made in 1986. Which is obviously not correct! :D

I couldn't really find much else about that. That would be interesting to find out though!
Hey Daywa,
I've got the same rifle and i'm just as happy with it as you are. I had a scope and rings that I wasn't happy with and everytime I looked at and shot the rifle it would bug me, they did the job but it wasn't what I wanted. So I went and bought a Leupold mark 4 4.5-14x40 and some good rings, it looks good now and I think I'm shooting better now I have greater confidence in the scope. The scope for around $700 in the US I think is a great buy. A good scope and rings cost a bit but when your looking at and shooting your rifle you forget about that.

I reload for mine and have had great results with sierra 60gr HP, real accurate for killing pieces of paper on the range and do a good job on animals when out hunting. I also reload 50gr and 55gr projectiles and these shoot just as good.
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