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New SPS Tactical .308 and a few Q's

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Hey guys, I'm new to the board. I picked myself up a new Remington SPS Tactical .308 a few weeks ago and look forward to making it my own, so to speak. I haven't even bought a base, rings, or glass for it but was wondering what are some good choices? I've got Burris mounts and rings on my other Remy 700 (CDL in 35 Whelen). I was thinking about getting traditional mounts/rings but I've seen a lot of picatinny style mounts and was wondering if they were as sturdy? Also, what other advantages do these bases have? My main goal is to have a good rifle that I can shoot well from the bench and take out in the woods and hunt with, and as always, for SHTF purposes. I'm leaning more towards a traditional base and mounts, but I know they're not as tacti-cool.

I've seen a few online, from Leupold, EGW, etc. Who is TPS, I've heard this company mentioned a few times? As for glass, I know glass can get expensive in a hurry, and honestly I don't want to pay an arm and a leg right now. I've heard good things about Vortex and Swift scopes, and am eying a few others. Does anybody have any suggestions as to a good tactical (or regular) scope that is of good quality and yet doesn't cost a fortune? I am looking at the "SPS build" thread and getting a lot of good ideas. I don't think I want a huge scope, probably no higher than 12-14x magnification.

And alas, I do have a question concerning the X-Mark Pro trigger. I had a very odd thing happen. I put my SPS Tactical in the closet overnight to find out the when I got back, my (heavy) Caldwell rest fell off onto it and landed square on the safety and it completely ripped off the safety. Not a scratch anywhere else, just ripped off my safety. First question is this, does anybody know if the safety lever on the X-Mark Pro is the same as the safety lever used on other Remington triggers? And secondly, if it is (or isn't), does anybody have the part number so I can order one? I guess I will have to disassemble the trigger to do it, but that shouldn't be too big of an issue. The gun is operable, but there is no safety on it right now. Thanks for any help guys.
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Welcome, I would contact Remington and see what they will do for you,they are a good company
to deal with in my experience. as far as scope mounts and optics,I would go Burris tactical or Weaver tactical for the rings as far as the bases go Weaver or EGW tactical picatiney. Scopes
are dependant on what you can spend but,you might check out Bushnell 3200 or Hawke optics
I would say the EGW is a good choice for the base and the Burris Tactical rings are nice. I have a set on my AR and I really like them.

I would check out the Bushnell Elite scopes also as they are very good for the price! The glass is nice and clear. I have a 4200 in 6-24 x 50 on my AR and I've been happy with it! On my SPS I have a Leupold 4.5 - 14 x 50.
Agreed with the last post on your safety. You should have Remington handle this repair. This is an area where you may be able to affect a fix, but when it comes to a safety issue like this it's better left in the hands of the professionals at Remington.

As far as a base, rings and scope money dictates what you are willing to get. I used Leupolds QRW base and rings and this is a very solid mount that is quick release and returns to zero when reattached. As far as a scope I have a Nikon Buckmaster 6x18x40 SF and so far has been dead on and reliable. I got it online for $300 so it didn't break the bank. Again it depends what your needs are for the scope.

Welcome to the site and as a fellow SPS Tactical .308 owner get ready to explore the idea to get a better stock for that fine rifle. I was given some advice from a few wise forum members and invested in an HS Precision stock and it was the single greatest improvement to the accuracy of my rifle. Anyway when you get all the parts in place please get it to the range and check back with a full report!
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Thanks for the help and kind words guys, I had considered contacting Remington on the issue of the safety, and I believe I will. I will more than likely get an H-S Precision stock for the SPS Tactical as well.
SDGlock23 said:
Thanks for the help and kind words guys, I had considered contacting Remington on the issue of the safety, and I believe I will. I will more than likely get an H-S Precision stock for the SPS Tactical as well.
i did and its a super nice stock for me. also if you will be shooting 1000 with it you might want to check out the EGW 20 MOA one piece base.
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