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I have 3 post 1964 Winchester Model 70 bolt action hunting rifles.

1). 1983 vintage Winchester Model 70 Featherweight in .270 Winchester, 22" barrel.

2). 1985 vintage Winchester Model 70 XTR in 6.5x55, 22" barrel.

3). 1988 vintage Winchester Model 70 Liteweight in .243 Winchester, 22" barrel.

All 3 of these rifles are the push feed version of the post 1964 Model 70's.
All 3 of these rifles have posted 3 shot 100 yard groups of 1/2" or smaller with my handloaded ammo. All 3 of these rifles have posted 5 shot 100 yard groups of less than 3/4" with selected factory loads. All wear 4x scopes. All have killed their fair share of white tail and mule deer.

Before I got my 2 Remington VSF rifles, .22-250 and .308, I used a lot of winchester rifles, 1894's, 88's and 70's and 71's. They all shot danged good right out of the box and I never had any malfunctions with any of them.

The .270 and the .243 rifles have the featherweight contoured barrels. The 6.5 has the standard sporter weight barrel and is day in and day out, probably the most accurate of the 3.

I think with the correct scope, mounts and rings, and loads using the Sierra match king 140 grain and 142 grain bullets, and shooting at a slower pace so as not to heat up the barrel unduely, this rifle would shoot with many of the Remington 700 Sniper and Varmint variations at long range.

I remember one time out in New Mexico, I was shooting this rifle on the bench using Norma 139 grain factory loads and handloads using the Hornady 139 grain spire points and knocked down 10 rams in a row with each load at 500 meters just using the 100 yard zero and holding over the silhouettes. Fun gun to shoot and very little felt recoil.

These rifles will never be for sale from my collection. Maybe after I pass on, some one might buy them from my wife. Good luck.

Dave (Bubba) Thornblom

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Some of my first Whitetail Does as a teenager were killed with the model 70 in 30-06. Carlos Hathcock USMC made his mark in Marine Corps. history with the model 70 in 30-06 as a sniper in Vietnam. They are a fine weapon.
I know a guy that hunts with a 6.5x55 and he loves it also. I would like to get one someday.

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My Dad has a Winchester Model 70 (post '64) that he's had for a number of years in .270. We have been working up some loads for it and it will shoot nice tight groups! I didn't think it was capable, but it really does with the right bullet! We are using the Berger 140 VLD's loaded to fit the magazine.

If anyone wants the recipe, just let me know and I'll post it!

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My first real build.
Montana Rifle Co. action
Shilen bbl chambered in 7mm-08
MPI stock
Talley combo ring/bases
Leupold VX3 2.5-8 X 36mm

My Win '94 Trapper in tirty-tirty.
Big Finger Loop added
Wild West Guns ghost-ring rear sight
XS Systems Scout rail
Warne QRW rings
Leupold 2.5X Scout Scope
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