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Bought this 1956 Rem 722 40x 28" barrelfrom a club member who had never shot it very much, it was a prone rifle with Redfield sights has barrel tuners built in stock and a rail for hand stop
i cleaned barrel and installed a 24x B&L with 1/8 moa dot.and a 4oz trigger
tryed some 10x and some Lapua March grade ammo
After firing 8 or nine shots a fired some groups of .3 .4 at 50 yards, cleaned barrel and tryed |Lapua midas
shot some one hole groups at 50y. Took it out to 100 yards friend was watching group form through his 10 by 50x sightron it was dead calm late evening. after 4 shots he said I don,t beleive that group I said thanks I only have fired 4 shots, he apologized and I fired last shot the hardest one to keep in a good group.
first 4 shots .201" after 5th .411" was ver pleased to say the least I am sure i will never shoot that small a group again


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