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Not My 700, but My Trainer

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G'day all, I was out zeroing my CZ with its new scope about 30mins ago. Heres what its capable of now.

This is the rifle.

That is FOUR rds and that is at 25yds, but its 0.161MOA or 0.042"!!!!!!!!!! Thats using CCI Standard Velocity Ammo. Normal stuff I use.

Now I'm darn happy with that.

Rifle Specs:
CZ 452 Deluxe
Bushnell Banner 3.5-10x36 .17 Super
Arctic Fox 1" Med Rings
Harris 6-9" Leg Notch

I really need a stock pack for it, I have to lift my head to get a good sight picture.
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That is one good looking, good shooting rifle. I know you are proud of that one.

Dave (Bubba) Thornblom
God yes I am mate. Im down to about 25rds of .22LR so desperately need more. the last 25 is for emergencies, same I only have 10rds of .308 left. Thankfully I get paid this week.
That's awesome! Nice groups. Those are certainly good for training... I've been using my 22LR pistol for shooting for pistol practice.

It does really make a difference to fire some 22LR.. then move to a 9MM or something. I can tell I handle the trigger differently and more correctly!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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