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We had a great time down in Phoenix, AZ with Team AZ LRPRS this weekend. We are very appreciative of the hospitality we receive from Tim and Regina Milkovich as well as Scott Milkovich (ScottMilk9 owner of Specialized Dynamics), Mike N., Steve E. and the rest of the AZ LRPRS crew for making us feel welcome and at home.

We got to shoot in an area we haven’t shot before. It is known as "the wash" and shooters familiar with TPRC will know what we’re talking about. The shots for this match are shorter than normal but they keep up the difficulty level by incorporating positional shooting, semi supported positions and moving through an obstacle course! The match was extremely well run and everyone was having a great time even if they were missing shots.

The sense of comradely and friendship are the biggest things that stand out to me at the AZ LRPRS match. All the shooters are very friendly, approachable, experienced and willing to help. They welcome anyone interested in improving their abilities with a precision rifle. I recommend you all check out a LRPRS match if you have the opportunity.

We were also able to get ApacheDr1988 out there to do some shooting. This was his first match and I think he did an excellent job. It actually started as a misscommunication but we were able to get things figured out to provide Josh with a rifle, dope and some ammo. Dane wasn't able to make the match because his sisters wedding was the same day. Dane didn't mind letting Josh borrow his rifle so we could help in getting a new shooter introduced to the sport.

Some of the stages included;

1st Relay

Pogo stick KYL (cold bore included)
Positional; standing, kneeling, sitting and prone unsupported
Little truck stage
Barricade stage
Sniper Hooche hold over stage

2nd Relay

Tube KYL
Strong/Support side tubes
Tire shots
Dog house
Obstical course


1. Tyler - 900
2. Pete - 815
3. Joe - 810
4. (tie) Tim - 765
---(tie) Brian - 765
5. Steve - 745
6. Kurtis - 705
7. (tie) Regina - 695
---(tie) Mike M. - 695
8. Nathan - 670
9. James - 665
10. Marcus - 640
11. Michael N. - 615
12. Scott M. - 605
13. Jim - 550
14. Beau - 510
15. Trent - 455
16. Scott S. - 435
17. Josh - 410
18. Aron - 405
19. Sean - 395
20. Ralph - 385
21. Ben - 380
22. David - 350

Round count was 50 rounds. :)

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