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One of my Babies

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Started life as a 243 ADL Youth, now a 308.

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That's really nice! I like the stainless barrel with the wood! How long is the barrel?
26" fluted barrel. It was a $60 take off I found on another forum from a factory VS SF II that had never ben fired. I had the crown recut, and chamber recut when it was installed
Looks very nice mate. Hows she shoot?
She shoots good. The brake is UNBELIVABLE! It is so smooth with the very very slight push. I posted a 5 shot group from here in the range report section using factory fodder. My handloads are as good if not a little better but I tossing expensive accubonds so all I have is a few targets. Gonna get so lesser expensive bullets and work up a load and will post some 5 shot groups of them.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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