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Hi, I'm M700

Throng - Hi M700.

and I have another addiction.

Throng - What's your addiction?

I have 2 rifles made by PGWDTI in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Throng - What are they?

1 is a Coyote in .308 that I've 1 year today and the other in a Timberwolf in .338 LM that I've had for 14 months..

Throng - Can we see pictures of it? Can we? Can we?

I don't know if I should.

Throng - Pleeeeeeeease?

Oh awright then.

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Those are such nice rifles mate. Do they shoot as well as the look.
Very Nice! I like the "twisted" look on the barrel!
Allright, we need details. Those don't look like a standard action. Custom? Like the swing (M70 type) safety. What are the blocks at the front of the stock for? Don't know my optics well enought to be able to recognize them. Is the one on the left a U.S. Optics?
The one on the left is a S&B, I think the other maybe a US Optics though. The turrent design looks like one. To me at least.
To answer all of your questions in order.

Post 2 - Quick - Oh yeah, they are sweet shooters.

Post 3 - SemperFi - That's reverse spiral fluting. The theory is that it helps counteract the torque plus the flutes are longer than straight flutes.

Posts 4 & 5 - BK & Quick - They are a standard PGWDTI action, different lengths of course. The rifle on the left is the new (3 years) intermediate sniper rifle for the Canadian Army (C14 Timberwolf .338LM) and is topped with a S&B 3-12 PMII LR. The mount at the front of the stock is for NV and the mount on the top front ring is for IR. The Coyote has a Leupold Mk4 16x mounted using Badger rings.

FWIW Where the fluting ends at the front is a step in the barrel ala Mauser K98, and after the removal of the brake, a suppressor is screwed on and butts against the step for the rear support.
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