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Pistols - Glock Vs Beretta 92FS

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G'day all. I was at the range shooting .303 service rifles yesterday morning when my mate asked if I wanted to come pistol shooting for a it. Being the kinda a gu who cant turn down range time I said yes. This was my first time shooting 9mm pistols and I LOVED IT!!!!!!! It was soo much fun. And I discovered that I like the Beretta 92FS 9mm over the Glock 9mm. I think it was the Glock 17. The Glock just felt bulky and weird in my hands were as the Beretta felt great. it was comfy and it pointed much easier aswell.

Im just wondering what do most of you guys prefer, The Glocks or the Berettas.

The guys Beretta I was shooting said the in 10 yrs of owning it, he had NEVER had a jam or stoppage which I though was damn great for a pistol.

As such, Im already looking at used pistol prices for when I may be able to get one in about 6-12 months. LOL.

Cheers for reading guys.
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I've fired a Glock before and I didn't really like the feel of them compared to other pistols I've fired. The 92FS is a great gun... after all "John McClane" used it in Die Hard... :D

The Berettas had an issue where they could actually be pulled apart by someone grabbing the slide of the gun and pulling forward. I think they've fixed this on the new ones. However, I wouldn't be concerned about that and I say go for Beretta!
I really like the Glock. I find the Beretta doesn't really fit my hand very well. But nobody ever said I was normal!
I found the Glock just too bulky/blocky/whatever and didnt fit my hand. I have rather large hands so that could be a reason why the Beretta fits better. They are a large frame auto after all. And it just felt like it belonged in my hands. Besides, there no use beng a good shot with a bolt gun when your target it 10m away!!!!!!!!
One thing I didn't like about the Glock was the that trigger with that little extra plastic piece that sticks out. BK, do they still have that small plastic lever piece on the new Glock's?

I'm also not one for guns made from polymer. I'm sure they are strong, but I prefer some kind of metal!
Glock 21SF right here. Full size, 45, with a mild grip size, perfect for me.
yeah, the the platsic on the glock didnt feel as nice as the metal frame of the beretta either. Ohh, Im defently going to grba a 92FS as soon as I can.
SemperFi said:
BK, do they still have that small plastic lever piece on the new Glock's?
That's part of the 'Safe Action' arrangement. If I would have looked at and studied the Glock, I probably wouldn't like it very much either. I was shooting at the 100 yard range at Tri County Gun Club here in Oregon a long time ago. I was getting a new scope dialed in so I had targets at 50 and 100 yards. One of the other guys had a G19 (they were brand new at the time) that I asked him about. He asked me if I wanted to try it out. What, is this a trick question? Shoot another gun? So I let fly at my 50 yard target. A 4" group at 50 yards with a compact pistol you had never shot before is pretty fair, I think.
Hey quick, hope you don't mind spending some cash. A couple of months a go I was planning on getting my pistol licence and by the time you join a club, range fees, licence fees etc it was going to be something like $300-400 a year. When I asked if I could take a pistol up to my farm, no, no , no your not suppose to do that. You have to do so many shoots per year for each caliber you have, too many rules for me. Not sure if the rules are different in WA.
With my rifle licence I shoot when I want, where I want and it cost me $30 a year. So I thought the money was better spent on more rifle things.
I own 2 Tactical Tupperware Guns (a 17 and a 35) and love them.

I also love the Beretta92/96 series.

Also the S&W M&P series are nice too.
For me the opposite is true. The grip on the Glock fits my hand much better than that of the Beretta.
Andrew, Im going to have a serious look at the licence fees and such. Im just going to start with one calibre I think. yeah, The rifles are easier but the pistols are just so damn fun. Hell I've only been pistol shooting 2 times so far and I'm hooked. Its kinda easier for me as when I go down to swanbourne once a month for shooting .303s, we shoot pistols after so I dont have to goto so many ranges and I'll have to find out about the range and membership fees as well.
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