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Post your .223 load

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For my SPS tactical .223

- Sierra 60gr HP
- Reloader 15, 24.5gr
- CCI 400 small rifle
- Winchester brass
- OAL 57.2mm (metric)
Under 1/2 inch at 100m and good for hunting too

- Taipan 50gr HP
- AR2206H, 26gr
- CCI 400 small rifle
- Winchester brass
- OAL 56.5mm (metric)
Under 1/2 inch at 100, explosive on rabbits
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Most of the .223 I load is for hunting varmints/predators, so I generally load 50 or 55 Ballistic Tips, but next time I draw a doe tag, I might think about loading some Barnes TSXs. I am also thinking about trying different tipped bullets like the Sierra Blitzking or Hornady V-Max. Also curious to find out if the CT Ballistic Tips shoot any differently than the standard Nosler.

I also load military brass for my AR, but I just use whatever cheap 55 gr. bullet I can find, usually FMJ.
BK I have tried 60gr vmax and they shot nice tight groups, performed about the same as the sierra 60gr HP. Never got the chance to try them on a live target so I can't tell you how well they take animals down. I thought for the extra $10 for a box of projectiles they were not worth it so I did'nt get any more, but they do look nice and deadly. I just bought a bulk load of 55gr sierra blitzkings and will hopefully be testing them out soon. I'll let you know how they go.
For use in the Rem700 my load is

Any 52/53gr match bullet
21.6gr/IMR 4198

Works like a charm. Accurate and very soft.
I'll have to give 4198 a try... but I usually like to load ball powders in .223, just because I find they meter well enough that I don't need to weigh more than every fifth charge of so.

An extra $10 a box? I don't blame you for not using any more. If they we not appreciably better I'd shoot up what I had and not look back.
I got this load out of an NRA reloading manual back in 1981.

Case: Lake City 5.56mm, fls and trimmed, primer pocket swaged
Primer: CCI-Br4
Powder: 27 grains of WW-748
Bullet: 60 grain Hornady hp
COL: bullet seated to clear lands 1/4 turn of seating stem

This load shot 1/2" 5 shots groups out of my Ruger #3 and killed mule deer, white tail, javelina, wild turkey and porkypine.

Dave (Bubba) Thornblom

PS: sorry about the rifle, but some Rugers do shoot purdy darn good.
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thornblom said:
PS: sorry about the rifle, but some Rugers do shoot purdy darn good.
Unacceptable. Slap yourself on the back of the hand and never mention those nasty Rugers again! :)
Damn Rugers, well the only good one is the 10/22 IMO.
Went up the the Lacey, Washington Cabela's today... uh, I guess actually yesterday, and they actually had some reloading components in stock. Picked up some brass for .223, 6mm, and .25-06. Wanted to find some .221 Fireball and .300 Savage, but the were out of stock on the Fireball and backordered on the Savage.

Note to self... stay away from Cabela's on the weekend.

I badmouth (jokingly) Rugers, but I have to admit I do have a 77V in .220 Swift. And they released a stainless Hawkeye in .35 Whelen and .358 Winchester I'm drooling over.
Nine months late on this post but if anyones interested.
60 grain Sierra H.P.
Winchester brass trimmed to minimum length.
CCI 400 Small Rifle Primer.
22 grains of 3031
O.A.L is 2.25" if I remember correctly.
Three shot group out of a .223 R*##* Hawkeye that you can cover with a dime. Will drop a coyote like a bad habit.
After three shots group turns to total crap.

However for those who really want to run a song dogs day, a 110 grain Hornady Vmax out of a .308 with 49 grains of Varget is pretty freakin impressive. Photo looked like something from a crime scene.
Here's what I'm using in my AR-15 at the moment. Seems to give consistent .5 MOA or better.

55 gr. Hornady V-Max
24.7 grains of Benchmark Powder
FC Brass
Remington 7 1/2 primers.

You could seat the bullets to standard length or load them to fit the magzine like I do.
24.5/H322 50 VMAX CCI mag primers. It's my Prairie dog round.
I am running a Bushmaster 16" M4 ORC and a DPMS Panther Bull 20 .223's. (the only .223's I currently own). I am loading 55gr. Nosler Ballistic Tips with 25.5grs. H-4895 (this is half way between staring and max according to the Hodgdon Web Site) with Remington 7 1/2 Primers (or CCI-400 when I can not find the Remingtons) in Military LC Brass. Cartridge Overall Length is 2.252" (AR Mag Length).

In my 16" Bushmaster these average 2948 FPS and print 5 shot groups of between 3/4" to 1" at 100 yards from the bench (better if I am having a really good day shooting). I have taken over 2 dozen coyotes with this load as well as other assorted varmints with excellent results.

In my DPMS Panther Bull 20 these average 3146 FPS and are printing 3/4" or less 5 shot groups at 100 yards from the bench. I only have about 150 to 170 rounds through this DPMS so far and it seems to be shooting better and better all the time. Last Saturday I shot a perfect 4 shot cloverleaf with all shots touching at 100 yards from the bench but the fifth shot opened the group up to 5/8".

In addition I have tested this same load in a 14" T/C Contender Handgun, 23" T/C Contender Rifle, Ruger KM77RFP MKII and several other AR-15's. The 14" T/C Contender Handgun was scary accurate with this load with most groups 1/2" or less at 100 yards from the bench. All the other .223's I have shot this load in printed 1" or less groups at 100 yards from the bench.

This is just one of those loads that seem to shoot good in all .223's, but not great in most.

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