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Question regarding SPS Tactical Barrel Contour

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Anybody know if it has the same barrel contour as the SPS varmint but just cutoff at 20"? Or is it a different contour. I sometimes look at them and it seems like the SPS tactical may have a slightly heavier barrel. Or is that just optical illusion created by the fact that I have them in different stocks?
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The SPS Tactical an Varmint and 700P are the same barrels but just different lengths and the 700P is parkerised. Its probably just an optical illusion, but I may be wrong.
There may be a point at which the barrel straightens out. What I mean is that the "contour" only goes for a certain length. Say for the first 15" inches or so then it's the straight width of .875" out to the muzzle.

However, as Quick said, it's kinda hard to tell from the pics. I haven't been able to compare to longer barreled guns though.
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