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Well. I shot my 700 Police and my buddy shot his Sps today we got our 100 yard zero. Then pushed back to 700 yards shooting at an 8 inch plate. Then shot 760 and lastly for the day 900 yards. The wind was the worst I have seen all year but we learned a lot and I figured I'd share what I could. We hit a few times at 900 yards but wind was terrible and we came to the conclusion we were gonna get a 12 inch plate for longer distances I also found I have 37 min of up adjustment I may have to can't my scope some more but wanna shoot till I top it out. Then see where I'm at. My loads were as follows
Remington 700 Police .308
26 in barrel 1-12 twist
Lapua and Hornady Cases
178 gr Amax
44.0 gr Varget
Win Magnum Primers
C.o.a.l. 2.888
Avg velocity 2635

My buddys Gun and load info
Remington 700 SPS Tactical
20 in barrel 1-12 twist
Lapua Hornady and Remington Brass
178 gr Amax
45.2 gr Varget (still can go a little hotter on this gun)
Win magnum primers
C.o.a.l. 2.79
Avg velocity 2608

These loads seem very stable in flight and turned out a lot faster in flight at long distances. Wind was tricky today I know. That. Most of the time we would hit an inch right or left of hitting it though. Share you thoughts experience opinion.
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