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Range report! Fisrt report guys!

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Hey every one,

As most of you know I have a R700 sps tactical with the wonder optics tactical scope. Well, heading to the range today. I have my first range report to bring back to you guys!

This was one of my first groups after getting it close to sighting it. I pulled the first one just the slightest, as you can see (the one on the left). Then followed threw with two more rounds together (the ones on the right).

Fed Gold Match 168gr .308

This was a challenge. Shooting a Soft ball, tennis ball, and golf ball at 100 yards. Rely left over from the "sniper challenge" they had this past weekend (they where trying to hit them from 300+ yards).

This was the last shot I took. Looking at my scope, I realized I had not tightened the rings as needed. The hole scope had slid back as I was shooting. Re centered it, and took my shot once more. First shot I hit the tennis ball, starting a bounce on the rope everything was hanging from. Then the last round hit the golf ball. Well, the ball bounce down and rely hit the loop that was threw it, leaving copper behind on the metal (if you can see it in the pic?).

My buddy shooting with me also hit the loop on the ball, throwing it threw the air. He also hit the tennis ball throwing it off the string as well!

Let me know what you think?
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Awesome shooting! Those SPS Tactical's are something aren't they?!?!? I love mine for sure!

It will only get better and better!
Nice mate. I cantw ait to start shooting my SPS Tactical.
Nice job! I am going to have to try that sometime. Seems like a fun way to spend some time at the range!
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