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Range Report!!!

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I was able to take my SPS Tactical to the range today, AND I LOVE IT!

I got it sighted in and it is a great shooter! I shot 40 rounds of Remington 150 GR. Core-Lokt PSP because that's all I could find! Would have prefered to use Federal Gold Medal Match 168 GR. but you go with what you can get i guess.

I sighted it in at 50 yards then went to 100 yards and set the zero there. I was having a little bit of an issue at first with the bipod but was able to get it to stop moving around on the rubber stock finally. Just took some tightening and adjusting. I also need to adjust the trigger pull, seems heavy to me!

Here is my last 5 shot group! (I think with some better ammo I could tighten it up a lot more!)

After sighting it in I spent the rest of the day shooting at 3" metal plates on swivals at 100 yards, didn't miss one!

Edit: For those that were asking about the scope! OUTSTANDING, I still need to try to take it to 200 yards and work on using the BDC reticle, but so far no complaints at all. Crisp picture and great magnification range, I love it!
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Good shooting!

If you handload, you might want to try the Sierra 168 Grain HPBT bullets. My gun certainly likes them!

Does that BDC reticle work only with a certain weight bullet?
I would love to start handloading, can't afford the up front cost at the moment but hopefully in the next year or so I will be set to go!

The BDC is designed to be 100yds at the crosshairs and then add 100yds to every circle below that out to 500yds, but it depends on a lot of variables. I talked to a couple of guys that use it and love it. It may end up eing that i will use the top or bottum of a circle instead of the center on some or all. I haven't tried it yet but next range trip it is on the list of things to try. Once you know where your aiming points are with a particular ammo and range conditions you can repeat it consistantly!

BTW, Semper Fi, are you in or are you like me, a former Marine? 2/7 Wpns CO., CAAT Pltn, 29 Palms! 95-99 Oorah!
No, I'm not a Marine... I just like what the name stands for. Thank you for your service! I respect all of you millitary guys more than you can imagine!! My Dad served 2 years in the army and spent 1 year in Viet Nam.

Getting started in re-loading isn't too bad either. I use the Lee stuff have been very happy with it! Once you get set up, it's just pretty much buying the brass, bullets, primers and powder.
Nice shooting mate. Another happy SPS Tactical owner!!!!
wow im really excited to try out my SPS. I picked my rifle just knowing it was a 700. ive heard nothing but great stuff about the SPS!
You will very much like it. I was very impressed with mine as well. Mine is still stock, but it shoots so well, I haven't changed the stock or done anything to it!

What attracted me the most to it, was the very good price.
Yep, for the price, I think you cant beat it!!!!
nice shooting. my dad and I shoot dimes at 100 yds with our 700 in 22-250. easy but still fun to brag about :cool:
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