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Well got a chance to get out to a range and try some of my 168g HPBT SMK's I reloaded.

Heres the breakdown
168g SMK
42.0g IMR 8208 XBR
Win Brass trimed to 2.005"
BR2 Primers
COAL 2.800"
Avg Vel 2660 fps

The end result, group at 100yrds, Avg CTC .434"

Im sure I could have done better but my rifle has not been camo'd LOL!

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It took me a few trips to the tame to get my load where it is now and I still need a few more to test with different seating depths that I have not tried. It's a great reason to go to the range. I have a ton of rounds made waiting to be shot but with my injuries I don't think I'm going to see the range any time soon.

One thing, If you don't already have one get a ogive measurement tool for your calipers. It's much more accurate than oal readings.
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