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Range Trip with my SPS-V.

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I outlined my acquisition of a Remington 700 SPS Varmint and my first rip to the range with it in this topic Well, today I and a couple friends went to the range again and I got to fire off some more rounds. I have not yet upgraded any parts since my original post, and the only adjustment I made was to put the scope forward about 3/4" which helped a lot with the problem I had with it hitting me in the nose almost every shot. I also had to contend with the wind today for the first time, as there was a steady breeze pulling my bullets a little to the right. After getting my rifle sighted in, here are some of my targets.

Group B on target 2 is only a four shot group because I had one round that for whatever reason would not chamber properly. I could push the bolt forward but it would not go down. I'm guessing that one of the dimensions is off by just a hair.

Not only did I shoot smaller groups this time, I consistently shot smaller groups, and came very close to breaking sub-moa on a few of my groups. I am very pleased with my improvement over last time. One thing I should note though is that I don't have a fancy caliper for making accurate measurements and all the group sizes were measured with a ruler and may be off by +/-.05".

This last target was my worst of the day, but I'm not taking credit for this one. I'm blaming the ammo. I used Winchester white box 147 gr. 7.62x51 ammo, and it was all over the place with no distinguishable groupings. I'll be sure to avoid this stuff in the future.

I also shot my friend's AR-15 and his Winchester 94. We had a weird malfunction with his AR. He had some old off brand .223 that was made in 1993 and a primer came off a spent casing and somehow made its way into the lower receiver where it caused a jam which preventing the trigger from being pulled despite the gun being cocked. One of the RO's helped us with that and soon we were shooting again. Overall, it was a great day at the range :D
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Every day at the range is a good day. Some are just better than others! I also got to shoot on Saturday morning trying some new loads I worked up. I'd been shooting at 100 yds. , but pushed out to 200 this time. It went well off the bench, but when I went to prone off of the bipod, that was a different story. I need more practice! Like I've read from many competitors, It's not the perfect round you need, it's lots of shooting time. That's what I need. Get more familiar with my gun and put many rounds down range. Good luck and have fun.
Nice shooting! Those groups will tighten up with more practice. I can't believe how much proper trigger control and all that plays into placing a good shot. I was reminded of that over the weekend! My AR-15 seems to be more picky about that than my .308. But the main thing is that you have fun doing it!
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