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Realizations from the range (25 JULY 2010):

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Realizations from the range:

1. Warn your 6 year-old son, AGAIN, that you're about to fire "the big gun".

2. Your 3 year-old daughter likes "pretty guns" but she has absolutely NO interest in noisy ones.

3. A Ruger 10/22 being wielded by a 6 year-old sounds like a Class III auto.

4. Wind in Alaska ain't no joke, it will start blowing at full-gale as soon as you start your trigger squeeze.

5. I need to get lower scope mounts. Shooting with your neck on the stock does not lead to tiny shot groups (add help from #4, and pray for paper!).

6. Shooting stuff is fun.

With 20-30 MPH wind at times, shot groups looked like shotgun patterns. No need for pictures on this run, it is TOO embarrassing!
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#1 for the older folks too. Was unloading at a public WMA range and a cool cat was unloading at the same time. Apparently he decided to shoot existing targets cause while we were unpacking he cut loose with one of those hoof knocking super magnums under a covered shooting stand send me and my pals diving for cover and hearing protection.

#2 good she at least likes going, get her a pink one to get her hooked.

#3 will also generate sore thumbs loading mags

#4 need to watch that Angela Jolie movie and learn to curve your bullets into the wind.

#5. don't fix everything, we always need an excuse when things do not go our way.

#6. I concur
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1. It was his first time out, he did good after he heard the first set.

2. She asked for the pink Marlin .22 at Wal-mart but it was too big.

3. My buddy said to get the 50-round drums for him, but I gotta get a smaller gun like my old Chipmunk .22.

4. I need to practice with a hot chick, got one I can borrow? Mine is a 1972 model, time for a frame-off restoration.

5. I have LOADS of excuses, most don't work though.

6. Ain't it the truth?!?
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LMAO Robo.

Your range days with young children sound alot like mine. If I can get even semi-decent groups after all the chasing around, plug your ears, don't touch the barrel-it's hot, the day has been an overwhelming success! Aside from all of th little stresses, it'a a great moment when they start figuring out how to sight and putting rounds on target. I wouldn't trade our time together for anything.
Ordered the H-S Precision PST012 today! $285 at Midway USA, not too bad... Going out tomorrow to see if I can finish what I started, then get a baseline to see what the stock change will give me. HOPEFULLY the weather will give me a break, I have moose, Dall sheep, and caribou hunts planned this season!
What rifle are you taking on your hunts? Are you using the same gun for all three? I have a friend going to Alaska in a month for Moose, Dall Sheep, and Bear.
Yes, I'm using the .308 for all three. I have a local (I'm only stationed up here) that hunts them all with his .308. Most folks up here only shoot heavy magnums, but if you place your shot correctly, he says that they'll be DRT.
What kind of rifle is your .308? If you handload what load are you working up for the hunt? What bullet and bullet weight does your friend recommend? Please post pics and a post hunt report. Good luck.
I only have two up here with me, it's either going to be the LTR or the SPS Tactical (BIG difference, huh?). I'm handloading 165 grain Nosler Accubonds with a shot of Varget cased up in Lapua brass. I was told that Accubonds and Partitions 165-180 were good for most game short of the brown bears on the charge. For brown bear protection, I'm running a .45 LC handgun at .44 mag power levels. I will post pics when I get something productive done. :)
I just purchased a LTR in .308 and love it. I am looking forward to deer season here in South Texas some I can try it out on game. I shot one small wild hog with it last week. It was not much of a test for it, the shot was only 80 yards and the hog was only about 60 pounds.
What does your friend in Alaska say is the recomended range with the velocity that our 20" barrels are putting out with the .308 on the big game like moose. I was guessing in the 200 to 300 yard range, but would like to hear from someone up there with first hand knowledge.
Thank you for your service to this country.
I've taken a couple of smaller Central Texas deer with my LTR, the longest shot was 250-ish yards, DRT. We have figured that with premium game bullets, the longest shot I'd like to take up here on moose is 200 yards. I really don't want to take a long shot on any game up here due to the recovery logistics (heavy woods, marsh, steep cliffs...). I went out this weekend to the area that I'd like to hunt (Blacktail, Bison, Caribou, Mountain Goat, and Dall Sheep!), should be an AWESOME season!

As for my service, you're very welcome, I do what I can, when I can.
Thanks for the informaton. Good luck on the up coming hunt. I am slightly jealous. :)
stex shooter said:
Thanks for the informaton. Good luck on the up coming hunt. I am slightly jealous. :)
No need to be jealous, at least you have more than two seasons, we only have cold and not-so-cold....
Well, I got it to shoot some .75" groups after the switch to the H-S Precision mostly due to operator headspace and timing issues. Decided to run the box test on the Barska SWAT scope that I am (was) using and I got two corners done, went to the third and the adjustments went AWOL... Ordered a Falcon Menace, Burris XTR rings, and a EGW 20 MOA base tonight, when they get in, I will post the results. Also got a TIS sling that I'm wanting to try out, just have to wait on the optics package to arrive.
Please give us a detailed review on the Falcon Menace, Robo. I've been eyeing them up and reading reviews on them for quite a while. What model did you end up with? Some owners seem to have glitches with them, while others think they are by far the best scope you can get for the money.

Good Shooting!
I plan to do a review on the optics as well as the sling, I have also read alot of information on them as well. I ordered the 4-14x44 with 1/4 MOA adjustments. It is a first focal plane scope and that was one of my highest priorities. I hope that it will get here this week (In Alaska, it is VERY difficult to get packages rapidly), I want to get back to the range next weekend, I'm going through withdrawals...
My order was switched from 1/4 MOA knobs to .10 mil. It should be here sometime around the first week of October (they're backordered).
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